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JaM Cellars
May 18, 2022 | JaM Cellars

Experience Everything JaM Cellars Has to Offer This Summer!

Summertime is officially here, which means it’s time to get sippin’! Here are a few ways to JaM with us–all month long:

Stop by Our Wine & Music Studio in Downtown Napa

As the gorgeous Napa Valley vineyards are starting to pop, so is the JaM Cellars wine & music studio! Drop by and taste your way through our full lineup of delicious wines–including Butter Chardonnay, ButterCans, Butter Cab, Butter Bubbles, JaM Cabernet, Toast Sparkling, and Sugar Sweet White–in our sun-soaked music studio. 

Sip outside and soak up the California sun, or get cozy with your besties in a booth–whatever the mood, we’ve got you covered. Add on a cheese board to really get that “Napa” wine experience. 

Butter yet, make it a lunch! Enjoy a wine tasting and lunch from Tarla, our gourmet Mediterranean neighbors. They have everything from greek salads to lamb burgers–which make the perfect addition to a bottle of Butter Cab or Butter Chardonnay if we do say so ourselves….

Don’t forget to join us for a “Toast with Toast Sparkling” every day at 5:15pm, and enjoy a complimentary splash poured by your favorite JaMbassadors.    

Join us for LIVE JaMSessions

Come kick it with your cutie (or bestie!) and experience LIVE music in downtown Napa, Thursdays from 8-10:00pm and Friday/Saturdays from 9-11:00pm. 

Sip on live sets from:

Eric Wiley Project on Friday, May 13th, from 9pm - 11pm
Matt Bolton on Thursday, May 19th, from 8pm - 10pm
Wayward Blues on Thursday, May 26th, from 8pm - 10pm
(You might even get lucky and see one of the BottleRock headliners stop by and play us a buttery-smooth set!)

Check the JaMSessions listings here and make a reservation to make sure you don’t miss a beat.

Can’t make it to Napa for our in-person JaMSessions? Get a sip of JaMSessions wherever you are with our virtual JaMHappyHours on FB LIVE Live and the JaMHappyHour podcast! Just make sure your glasses are full with plenty of wine to cheer with.

BottleRock Napa

Proudly presenting BottleRock for our 6th year, we’re thrilled to invite you to get your first sip of summer with us! 

If you haven’t heard, BottleRock is back and better than ever–with headliners like Metallica, P!nk, Twenty One Pilots, and Luke Combs. This 3-day music, wine, food, and brew festival in Napa is the place to be, and we don’t want you to miss it. Make sure you're signed up for our monthly newsletter The Scoop and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates, ticket giveaways, and BottleRock announcements.

Heads up! JaM Cellars wine and music studio in downtown Napa will be closed during the festival weekend (Friday, May 27-Monday, May 30), so join us at the JaMPad lounge and stage or the NEW Butter Cab-ana rockstar photo booth experience.

See you soon, JaMFans!

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JaM Cellars
May 17, 2022 | JaM Cellars

Butter Get Packing For BottleRock 2022

Butter Get Packing For BottleRock 2022

This isn’t our first rodeo! We’ve done our share of packing for music festivals and would like to give you our top tips for an easy-to-love weekend. Mainly, what you should (and shouldn’t) be packing for all upcoming sipping & JaMming shenanigans. You have more important things to do as you prep for the weekend, so sip back and relax. 

Below, we’ve rounded up a few “must-haves” for an epic, comfy, rockstar-worthy festival experience!

1.  Beach Blanket or Yoga Mat

We know you’re going to be dancing ‘til you drop. Make sure to pack a bright yellow (easy to find!) beach blanket or yoga mat so you have a cushy place to land when it’s time for a ButterBreak in the shade. You’ll be glad to chill on a whim when the mood strikes!

2. Crossbody or Fanny Pack

News flash! All bags brought onto the festival grounds must be 12x12x6” or less…Forget dragging a big ol’ purse all over, keep your essentials in a super cute holographic crossbody like this one. OR Consider this adorable yellow fanny pack or trendy yellow crossbody. Security-friendly AND keeps you cute while cruising through the entry gates?! You’re VIP status already! 

3. Reusable Water Bottle

Stay hydrated, BottleRockers and festie besties!! Here’s a helpful reminder to sip plenty of water between glasses of Butter. 

Reusable water bottles (up to 1L) are invited to the party, and so are these foldable yellow water bottles! All bottles must be empty when you enter the gates, then fill ‘em up and sip ‘em down at the water stations found throughout BottleRock. Good for the planet? Check. Will keep you hydrated? Double-check!

4. Sunglasses and Hats

This BottleRock, throw some shade…the good kind! 

Trends may come and go, but good sense never goes out of style. Don’t forget to pack a pair of sunglasses and a hat (or two) to provide a little shade from the dazzling California sun.

5. Face Wipes and Sunscreen

The cardinal sin of music festivals: slacking on skin protection! 

Keep your bronze, ditch the burn. Add a mini sunscreen and a pack of refreshing face wipes to your list. Dancing is hard work and your skin might be craving a cleanse. Face wipes will come in handy for those between-show-touch-ups.  Don’t forget to reapply the sunscreen! 

*Aerosol sunscreen is not allowed inside BottleRock, so grab a smaller bottle of your favorite sunblock and throw it in your fanny pack for those midday rays. 

6. Tame Your Mane

Keep your head bobbing and hair rocking. Pack a few headbands, hair clips, scarves or bandanas to tame your unruly mane and save time for more sipping and less straightening. 

Rely on the help of your festival-ready hair accessories to tame your tresses when the dancing starts. Also, consider packing a mini container of dry shampoo powder to make sure your beautiful locks stay fresh no matter how much rocking happens. 

7. Hand Sanitizer

This one probably goes without saying, but you’ll def want to remember a bottle of hand sanitizer. Soap can be hard to come by, and it’s never a bad thing to be extra cootie-free! More high-fives, please! 

8. Portable Phone Charger

No one likes the “low battery” during a music festival–especially when you're in the middle of the silent disco not knowing where your festie bestie is. Pack a portable phone charger to keep your phone alive and your crew connected. Back up plan: meet at the Butter Cab-ana! 

Forgot to pack something for your BottleRockin’ weekend? No worries! There will be an onsite general store for all things fashion, festival and fun! They’ll have things like gum, lip balm, over-the-counter meds, etc…. Thanks for thinking of basically everything, BottleRock!

What to Know Before You Go:

While you’re prepping and packing for BottleRock weekend, JaM out to our “Summer Festival JaMs” playlist, poured by JaM Cellars on iHeartRadio

Don’t get caught with bad internet; get ahead of the game by downloading the festival app before you arrive. View the full lineups, check the schedules, and figure out where you want to be, and when. (Hint hint: you’ll definitely want to stop by the JaMPad and Butter Cab-ana for a very VIP experience!) 

Make sure you’re following us on @JaMCellars FB, Twitter and Insta for live festival updates, especially if you’re unable to make it in person this year. Snap your Butter-sippin’ #selfies and tag #JaMCellars on IG for a chance to get your own ‘grams reshared on the big screens! See you there, JaMFans!


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JaM Cellars
May 16, 2022 | JaM Cellars

Grill & Chill; Our Favorite Memorial Day Wine and Grilled Food Pairings

Break out some ice-cold Butter Chardonnay and sip on these grilled food and wine pairings for a BUTTER twist on your Memorial Day weekend:

Grilled Peaches + Butter Chardonnay

What’s better than fresh, hot-off-the-grill peaches? Well, grilled peaches and a glass of ice-cold Butter, obviously! If you’ve never tried grilling peaches on a warm summer night, you need to try it ASAP. Everything's better with a little Butter!

The unexpected, smoky flavors of the grilled peach blend perfectly with Butter’s creami-licious hints of lemon and vanilla–a true match made in wine heaven. Simply put, this is the grill and wine combo you will be craving every time you spot a peach.

Sausages + Butter Bubbles

For those opting for grilled sausages on the coals this summer, Butter Bubbles is the perfect drink choice. 

The bright touches of Butter Bubbles will be a double delight next to the saltiness of the sausage (no matter which kind you’re using!) so don’t be shy–#Butter it up! Impress your grill-out guests and make sure to stock up on plenty of Butter Bubbles for all your grilling needs this Memorial day weekend. We’ll help you be the hostess with the mostess ;)

Grilled Corn with Basil Butter + ButterCans

We all know that ButterCans and corn on the cob are Memorial day weekend staples, but have you ever tried them together??

This grilled corn recipe kicks things up a few notches. Grill the corn to bring out its smoky-charred sweetness, then slather the cobs in a bright basil butter. The creaminess of Butter paired with the basil butter on the corn will leave you begging for more this summer. 

Our favorite part? They’re both deliciously hand-held for easy grab-and-go refreshment

Grilled Steak and Toast Sparkling 

A delicious Cab might be your default when it comes to a good cut of beef, but don't discount the deliciousness that bubbles can bring to the table. One of our favorite grill and wine pairings is something a little expected; red meat and ice cold Toast Sparkling

The texture from the bubbles and bright tropical notes cut through the richness of the steak and refreshes the palate in between every bite. Click here for 50 easy grilled steak recipes, and don’t forget to stock up on the sparkling

Don’t Let the Summer Fun Run Out!

Whether you're firing up the grill for steaks, veggies, or a ripe peach, we have something for everyone. Several amazing, easy-drinking wines to pair with them all summer long.

You’re tending the grill, hanging with besties, dancing along to this Summer JaMs playlist on Spotify… the very last thing you need to be worried about is the Butter running out. We’ve got the Butter covered, who’s on grill duty? Get all of the Butter you’ll need for your grill-outs delivered straight to your door with Drizly, InstaCart, and Amazon Fresh


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JaM Cellars
May 10, 2022 | JaM Cellars

Countdown to BottleRock Napa Valley 2022

The countdown to BottleRock 2022 Napa Valley presented by JaM Cellars is ON! 

May 27th is coming in hot and we’re here to give you ALL the ways to JaM with JaM Cellars during the festival…let’s be honest, we all know the best fest is a Butter fest.

Whether you’re rocking a 3-DAY weekend or just joining for your fav day, here’s how to make the most of your JaM time on festival weekend:

JaM Cellars Main Stage

With headliners like Metallica, P!nk, and Twenty One Pilots taking the JaM Cellars main stage—you know we're in for an insanely great weekend of music.

Check out the full lineup here, download the BottleRock app and prep your festival schedule! 

JaMPad Stage 

If you’ve jammed with us before you’ll know, there’s no party like a JaMPad party! We’re bringing our in-person #JaMSessions to the festival and hosting live JaMSessions at the JaMpad–our very own acoustic stage and lounge at BottleRock Napa Valley

This unique stage gets you up close and personal with your fav artists like Michael Franti, Tai Verdes, and Marc E. Bassy. Hang with us for dancing, our full lineup of delish, easy-to-love wines, and the biggest disco ball you’ve ever seen. 

Can’t make it to BottleRock IRL this year? Don’t worry. Because we love you, we’ll be LIVE-streaming select JaMPad JaMSessions on @JaMCellars Facebook & YouTube! Be sure to follow us on FB, Insta, and Twitter for updates. 

PRO TIP: Between sets we have comfy lounge seating stage-side for you and your festie bestie to relax on the grass, and soak up the sun n’ sips. Take us there already!

Check out the full lineup HERE

The Butter Cab-ana

After you’ve danced til you drop, regroup with your besties at the NEW “Butter Cab-ana” overlooking the Verizon stage.

Fill your glasses with NEW Butter Cab and Butter Bubbles then get decked out in swag for the ULTIMATE rock-star selfie. Choose your props, accessories, and best Rockstar pose right on your own JaM Cellars stage…You need to see it to believe it. 

Wait! It gets EVEN Butter!! Every day at 5pm, head to the Butter Cab-ana for a LIVE meet and greet with BottleRock artists. PRO TIP: Stay tuned to our social channels for announcements! You will NOT want to miss these.  

With this state-of-the-art photo experience and our luscious lineup of everyday wines, you’ll be walking away with the best fest souvenir this side of Napa Valley. Sip, smile and share to be seen on the big screen!

Follow @JaMCellars on FB and IG to find out who’s hanging with us at the Butter Cab-ana. 

Keep Your Butter Flowing! 

Speaking of sipping, don’t try to rock without your wine! Our easy-to-love, deeelish wines will be pouring throughout the festival grounds. 

Here’s your wine key to locating (and refilling!) your fav sips all weekend long:

► Concessions stand throughout the wine garden, food garden, and GA festival grounds: Butter Chardonnay and JaM Cabernet 

► JaMPad VIP clubroom and JaMPad stage: Butter Chardonnay, JaM Cabernet, Toast Sparkling and Sugar Sweet White

► Butter Cab-ana: NEW Butter Cab and Butter Bubbles, alongside Butter Chardonnay and our JaM Cellars Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc 

Ready…Set Your Schedule. 

Don’t get caught Butter-less and missing your fav band. Plan ahead and set your schedule! The best way to capture all the rock to your roll is to have a game plan.

Download the BottleRock app, easily select your top bands, get reminders, and get ready to roll. 

BottleRock AfterDark

The party doesn’t stop till the Butter runs out. (And you know the Butter never runs out!)

If you want to keep the party going after the last set, grab your tickets to the official BottleRock aftershows! Party after the sun goes down with performances by CHVRCHES, The Wedding Band, and Iration, as you savor the full lineup of JaM’s easy-to-love wines in our beautiful downtown Napa ballroom

Who’s BottleRocking Ready?  

Get your pregame on with our luscious lineup of wines and “Summer Festival JaMs” playlist, poured by JaM Cellars on iHeart Radio––a delicious mix of all the artists performing at BottleRock 2022! 

If you’ll be BottleRock’ing from your backyard this year, follow the fun on our JaM Cellars Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

 See you soon, Butter Babes!

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JaM Cellars
April 22, 2022 | JaM Cellars

The Butter Guide to BottleRock 2022

Get your first sip of summer with JaM Cellars at BottleRock Napa Valley 2022, named one of USA Today's "10 Best" music festivals

With headliners like Metallica, P!nk, and Twenty One Pilots taking the JaM Cellars main stage—you know we're in for an insanely great weekend of music, awesome wines (Butter and JaM, DUH!), gourmet food, and plenty of gorgeous wine-country sunshine. 

This year marks our 6th year as BottleRock’s presenting sponsor, so it’s safe to say we’re all on cloud wine over here eagerly counting down the days until we can sip with YOU. If you don't have tickets yet, grab any remaining tickets here, OR!! Follow us on IG, FB & Twitter for ticket giveaways—keeping our fingers crossed you win!

Here are some things you should NOT miss at this year’s BottleRock music festival:

Rock Out at the JaMPad


JaM with us at the festival’s official 5th stage, the JaMPad—our very own acoustic stage and lounge at BottleRock Napa Valley

For a more intimate, stripped-down musical experience, the JaMPad JaMSessions are THE place to experience BottleRock like the star you are. Don’t miss awesome pop-up performances by artists including Tai Verdes (acoustic set), Chelsea Effect, Michael Franti and TONS more! Plus grab all your fav sips: Butter Chardonnay, JaM Cabernet, Toast Sparkling, and Sugar Sweet White.

Enjoy a refreshing glass of Butter as Jana, iHeartRadio host and music director, chats with musicians from the BottleRock lineup. They’ll cover all things music, wine and what’s going on in the artist’s BottleRock’n’Roll life—followed by up-close and personal acoustic sets. Make sure to check us out for the wine and music time of your lives!

Can’t make it to BottleRock IRL this year? Don’t worry. Because we love you, we’ll be LIVE-streaming select JaMSessions on @JaMCellars Facebook & YouTube! Be sure to follow us on FB, Insta, and Twitter for updates. 

Past #JaMPad guests have included Dave Grohl, Elle King, Warren G, Big Freedia, Lawrence, The Struts, and so many more. Our JaMPad is located in the GA area, so yes: you can sip with us ;)

Sip & Repeat in the Butter Cab-ana

More Butter is better! After you’ve danced til you drop, regroup with your besties at the NEW Butter Cab-ana (see what we did there?).

Try NEW Butter Cab and Butter Bubbles while taking a rock-star selfie at the JaM Cellars’ Butter Cab-ana photo booth overlooking the Verizon stage. The best bit?! Daily at 5pm head to the Butter Cab-ana for an in-person meet and greet with an upcoming artist.

Follow @JaMCellars on FB and IG to find out who you can hang with at the Butter Cab-ana and for all JaM’s festival updates! We’ll bring you closer to your fav artists with this state-of-the-art photo experience and awesome wines.

Sip, smile and share to be seen on the big screen! #JaMCellars #ButterCabana #JaMPad #ButterisBetter #BottleRock

Find Your Favorite JaM Cellars Wines Throughout BottleRock

BottleRock is better with Butter! Here’s your wine key to locating (and refilling!) your fav sips all weekend long:

Concessions stands throughout the GA festival grounds: Butter Chardonnay and JaM Cabernet

JaMPad and JaMPad VIP clubroom: Butter Chardonnay, JaM Cabernet, Toast Sparkling and Sugar Sweet White

Butter Cab-ana: NEW Butter Cab and Butter Bubbles, alongside Butter Chardonnay and our JaM Cellars Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc!

Pro Tip: Download the BottleRock Napa Valley app before you arrive so you don’t miss any sips, or one second of your favorite JaMs!

Enter to Win SOLD OUT BottleRock 2022 Tickets

Looking for sold-out 3 Day GA passes? Fret not, ButterLovers and BottleRock-ettes! We have your back.

We’re giving away BottleRock tickets through May, and you have the chance to win!! Make sure you’re following us @JaMCellars on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and sign up for The Scoop so you don’t miss your chance to enter.

As a safety net, you can also visit the official ticket exchange to place a reservation here.

Get Your Butter On, Everywhere! 

Can't wait to Butter your BottleRock? Get on it! Check out our JaMCellars 2021 BottleRock festival highlights to get a sip of what’s to come and stock up on the festival official sips, JaM Cellars headliners, for all your pregames and afterparties!

Butter never runs dry at the JaM Cellars Ballroom! If you need a place to keep the fun going after the last set, grab your tickets to the official BottleRock after-party shows! And don’t forget, you can always party with us from your own backyard by streaming the LIVE JaMPad JaMSessions on @JaMCellars Facebook and Instagram.

Get BottleRockin’ ahead of time with our "iHeart Summer Festival JaMs" poured by JaM Cellars while you wait.

Sip with you soon.

#JaMCellars #ButterCabana #JaMPad #ButterisBetter #BottleRock #JaMPad     

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JaM Cellars
April 19, 2022 | JaM Cellars

Springtime Sippin’ And Singing at the Studio

There is always something yummy happening in our JaM Cellars wine & music studio, in downtown Napa! But we REALLY dial it up to celebrate one of fav Holidays – Mom’s Day! Treat yourself, your Mom, your bestie-Moms, and your Mom’s besties to some Butter sipping at our home in Napa. At JaM Cellars, we have a little something for everyone and everyone is welcome!

For the Selfie Queens:

Stop by our dazzling wine & music studio in downtown Napa (yes, we have a disco ball) to snap a few springtime selfies against our cool Rolling Stone covers wall or cozying up in a booth. Glass in hand and #doitforthegram. Coco and her JaMbassadors have wine and camera skills and they are ready for your close-up! Savor the memories for years to come and snap a pic with Mom! Tag us in all your gorgeous Mom selfies @JaMCellars on Instagram.

For the Music-Lovers:

You know we love music, and we live that passion all year round. From being Presenting Sponsor of BottleRock Napa Valley music festival to hosting live JaMSessions in our JaM Cellars wine & music studio—look no further for awesome live music. Join us at the studio for LIVE JaMSessions with Nat Keefe (FriYAY, May 13th) & Eric Wiley Project (Saturday, May 14th) from 9-11pm. Reserve your spot now!

For the IN Crowd:

Love a hot spot? The JaM Cellars wine & music studio is one of New York Times' favorites?? Check us out at #31. And those with the inside track know that there’s a splash of bubbles for all our guests at 5:15pm every day. Now you’re IN! You’re welcome!

For the Foodies:

Being right in downtown Napa and open late (til 10pm weekdays and midnight weekends) JaM Cellars is the perfect spot for a pre-dinner sip or an after-dinner hang-out. So many fabulous restaurants to try from gourmet Burgers, and BBQ to Mediterranean and Thai. Check out the full list of tantalizing restaurants here! Feeling all settled in at JaM? Order off our JaMBites menu and enjoy more Butter with dinner.

For The Ones Celebrating Mother’s Day:

An evening with Mom in downtown Napa is the perfect gift, because she likes to party too! Kick the celebrations off early Friday and Saturday at the JaM Cellars wine & music studio.

Stop in for a complimentary toast with Toast Sparkling at 5:15pm. Enjoy JaMBites before heading to dinner, or maybe instead of dinner?
Dine at one of the highly-acclaimed dinner spots walking distance from the JaM Cellars wine & music studio.
Then, join us back at the studio for LIVE JaMSessions with Nat Keefe (FriYAY, May 13th) & Eric Wiley Project (Saturday, May 14th) from 9-11pm.

ICYMI, We’re Celebrating JaM Cellars Birthday!

JaM Cellars wine & music studio’s birthday is Saturday, May 14th. It will be 6 years old…and we’re going all out! Everyone who comes to celebrate with us in-person will be offered a JaM Jello-Shot (must be 21+)! We’ll also have a live music JaMSession that night by Eric Wiley Project from 9pm to 11pm. Maybe he’ll sing Happy Birthday? Or maybe you will? Book your birthday spot now!


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JaM Cellars
April 12, 2022 | JaM Cellars

Mom's, Get What You REALLY Want!

Who cares if it’s a Hallmark Holiday…it’s YOUR day Moms and you should get what you really want: pampering, me-time and…wine! Not a Mom? This list will help you be the best partner, child or bestie EVER…read on! 

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Mom-to-Be

In addition to counting the days until their little one arrives, some new moms also look forward to another exciting event: getting to sip on their favorite wine again!

Nine months might feel like nine years to an expectant mom who’s used to a different type of bottle. Make this Mother’s Day fun by giving her something that won't just be for baby. Here are some of our favorite gift ideas for the Butter-lovin mom-to-be:

"I've Waited 9 Months For This!" JUMBO wine glasses for future wine nights.

“I Miss Wine” t-shirt for a little comic relief.

●  “My Mom Needs Wine” Baby Onesie for the brewing bundle.

Mother’s Day Ideas for the Seasoned Mom

If you’ve been “Mom-ing” for a while, chances are… you deserve a break…and a glass or two of Butter Chardonnay. It’s not your first Mom’s Day rodeo, and what you really want is...

Butter n’ Breakfast in Bed

You plan to start the day as you mean to go on (it’s Mom’s Day, not Everyone Else Day!) Breakfast in bed is a good start–and even Butter if there’s a sparkling glass of #ButterBubbles next to the pile of waffles (Mom’s Day is also a No-Calorie Day in our book!) Suggest your perfect-start-to-the-day menu to the people you usually take care of!

Overnight Oats with 9 Flavor Options: Serve Butter Bubbles with the Almond Joy overnight oats recipe. You can thank us later...@JaMCellars

Fun Breakfast Charcuterie Board: This delightful (also: easy) Mother’s Day brunch idea is great for little hands to help with. Make sure they personalize it with your favorite fruits, snacks and beverages.

Stewed Peppers and Tomatoes With Eggs: You might not be in the Mediterranean, but you can feel like it with this bright, tangy dish. Be sure to tell your loved ones that it’s Mom’s Day which also means they do the washing up, while you sip on some Toast Sparkling LINK

Quiche Lorraine with Hash Brown Crust: You won’t believe how good this one tastes…when someone else makes it for you! Unforgettably creamy and rich and that crust! You know you’ll want to sip Butter Chardonnay with this one!

Been an extra-great Mom this year? Of course you have—why not stay in bed ALL day in those silky Butter yellow PJs after your yummy breakfast in bed?

JaMClub Membership 

Mom, you’ve put the time in and totally deserve more than just a single day of treats. Give the hint that you’d LOVE a JaMClub membership!

Automatic shipments of your fav delicious Butter Chardonnay, JaM Cabernet, Butter Cab, Toast Sparkling, Butter Bubbles or Sugar Sweet White. JaM wines will magically appear on your doorstep every month or quarter. Plus you’ll get complimentary tastings, invites to JaMBashes and discounts on shipping. It’s the Mother’s Day gift that keeps on giving! Happy Mother’s YEAR! 

Quality Time with the Fam

Work, friends, chores, errands…none of these excuses fly on Mom’s Day, so take full advantage of bringing your family together on your day. But keep the effort low-key by assigning everyone a dish to bring, or get delivery from your fav restaurant. And don’t forget the Butter: Instacart, Amazon Fresh and Drizly can deliver cold Butter in 60 minutes or less. Done and done!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Out-of-Town Moms

Distance doesn’t get in the way of being a Mom, so neither should it get in the way of celebrating Mom’s Day. So if you’re out of town, out of state, out of the country or on your own for any reason…these ideas will ensure you celebrate YOU, in style! 

Plan a Pamper Day

Clear your calendar. Mom’s Day is all about YOU all. day. long. Sleep in, run a Butter bath, go for a walk, wear your favorite outfit, watch your favorite movie and pour your favorite wine…Butter! Tell your out-of-town crew your plans and they can sip on the day, from wherever they may be. We’re talkin’:

Bath bomb sets delivery from Lush

● Zoom happy hours

Virtually watching movies together (while you text, let's be honest)

BEST YET: To pair with any and all of the above, Butter delivered to your door within 60 minutes!

Order Your Favorite Dinner

In case you haven’t heard: staying in is the new going out. Order your fav from Doordash or UberEats and your favorite JaM Cellars wine from our Drizzly, Instacart or AmazonFresh–and if you time it right, they’ll arrive at the same time. Dinner you don’t have to cook AND a bottle of luscious JaM Cab? You’re one lucky mama. 

Get Virtual

Thanks to technology, you can spend some quality time sipping together with remote family members without leaving your home! With things like virtual cooking classes (did someone say tiramisu??), jewelry tutorials, and flower arrangement lessons. For some more ideas, check out this list of virtual experiences for Mother’s Day, and don’t forget to include an order of Butter, JaM and Toast Sparkling directly to your door! Easy peasy!  

Sip n' Click Play on the JaMlist we made, just for you. 

From our JaMily to yours, Happy Mother’s Day!




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JaM Cellars
April 5, 2022 | JaM Cellars

Easy Spring Dinners—Just add Butter!

YAY! It’s finally SPRING, and we're so excited to find new ways to fill our plates with the season's finest. To make your life a little Butter, we thought we’d share a week’s worth of dinner ideas to take the guesswork out of cooking dinner–giving you even more time to wine! ;)

Here are 7 easy spring recipes that you can make in under an hour, so you can sip back and relax in the fresh spring air with your chilled bottle of Butter:

Monday: Pea-Pesto Handkerchiefs

Pair with Butter Chardonnay

A delicious, easy dinner that also cleverly aligns with Meatless Monday, this fresh spring dish will have you looking at peas in a whole new way. It's also a brilliant idea to use lasagna noodles for something other than lasagna. Pro-tip: Be sure to use curly noodles so the edges catch all of the yummy pea pesto!

Tuesday: Crispy Springtime Rockfish Tacos

Pair with ButterCans

These tacos are simply amazing. They are not only colorful and delicious, but they also come together in just a few minutes. Celebrate the beginning of spring with a taco in one hand and a ButterCan in the other. Talk about a match made in heaven…

Wednesday: Apricot Salad with Arugula & Feta

Pair with Butter Cab

One of the easiest salads to customize for picky eaters, this Apricot Salad with Arugula and Feta is packed with flavor thanks to the bright fruit, healthy nuts, and salty cheese, perf with a glass of cabernet. Smooth, rich Butter Cab will pair perfectly with the bites of feta and springy apricots, so make sure to stock up before dinner!

Thursday: Mediterranean Chicken Patties

Pair with Sugar Sweet White

These juicy Mediterranean chicken patties have everything you want in one bite: protein, veggies, herbs…and they're easy to make. These chicken patties are hands down one of our favorite spring recipes. Enjoy with a glass (or two!) of Sugar Sweet White to really bring out the springtime flavors of these juicy chicken patties. And save a sip of Sugar Sweet White for afters!

Friday: Fresh Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce

Pair with Butter Chardonnay

Spring rolls might seem intimidating, but we promise they’re not as scary as they seem! You’ve got this. If you’ve ever made a burrito before, you can definitely make spring rolls. Make sure to have a glass of Butter nearby to take a celebratory sip when you finish making your Springtime spring rolls!

Saturday: Take a Break ;)

Pair with Wine Delivery

It’s Saturday, you’ve put your time in, now it’s time to sip back and relax. Celebrate the beginning of spring by ordering your favorite takeout this Saturday night. Maybe those egg rolls you’ve been dreaming about? Or the BUTTER noodles from that Italian restaurant you love so much? (Mmmmmm, butter…)

While you’re at it, don’t forget the wine! Delivered to your door in 60 minutes or less, our delivery partners will be sure to put a little spring in your step this season.

Sunday: Breakfast for Dinner

Pair with Toast-mosas

What’s better than a wine glass brimming with orange juice and its BFF Toast Sparkling?? A steaming pile of waffles, maybe? Or a breakfast charcuterie board? We’ll let you be the judge of that one. All we know is Breakfast-for-dinner is one of the best ways to kick off your week, especially as the evenings get lighter!

Here is a list of brunch + wine pairings to give you a lil’ inspiration. And hey, why not try them all? Tag us on the ‘Gram when you do @JaMCellars.


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JaM Cellars
March 15, 2022 | JaM Cellars

Easter is Better with #Butter

Spring has sprung, and who else is totally egg-cited for Easter weekend?

Whether you’re celebrating with your friends, your family, or flying solo for Easter, we have a few ways to make your Easter Brunch even Butter this year. Stream our Bubbles Brunch Playlist right now and sip while you sift through a few of our favorite Easter ideas.

Make a #Butter Mimosa Bar

Mimosas are a Sunday staple. But why not take your Easter Sunday to the next level with a full mimosa bar spread? Stocked with plenty of chilled Butter Bubbles, fresh juices, and fun fruits to add to your flutes, a DIY mimosa bar will be the perfect choice for any Easter brunch–adding a little extra fizz to your already fuzzy Easter Bunny day.

Here are some fun ideas for your #Butter mimosa bar:

  • Mango Peach Mimosa

    The combination of peach and mango juice is delectably addicting. This mimosa is your newest obsession!

  • Blood Orange Mimosa

    Take your classic mimosa to the next level with blood orange juice! Plus add a blood orange slice to your glass for some extra flair.

  • Lavender Lemon Mimosa

    This mimosa is perfect for spring: fresh lemonade, Butter Bubbles, and a sprig of lavender. Boom!

  • Sherbet Mimosa

    Yes, it’s time to level-up your mimosa bar with a delicious scoop of sherbet (we suggest raspberry) for an extra creamy mimosa! Top with Butter Bubbles and add in fresh raspberries for extra pizazz—now that’s bliss.

  • Strawberry Grapefruit Mimosa

    A refreshing combination of flavors. Grab your cocktail shaker and combine grapefruit juice and strawberry slices to infuse those flavors before adding your Butter Bubbles. Deeeelish!  

Organize an Adult Easter Egg Hunt

Who ever said Easter egg hunts are only for kids? Wine not join in on the fun?

Adult Easter egg hunts can be just as easy to set up as the kid’s version, simply swapping out candy for cash, notes of gratitude, mini scratch-offs, boozy jelly beans or better yet: Butter Cans.

Play a game of “Who Hid the Butter” and hide a bunch of ButterCans around your yard for your lucky (adult) guests to find.

Even if you decide to keep things traditional and you just fill them with regular Easter candy, it will still be a fun game for the adults to play (especially after a few trips to the #Butter mimosa bar).

Make a Waffle Charcuterie Board

Love waffles? Well, your waffle obsession is about to get a whole lot more intense...

Whatever holiday you’re celebrating, we all have those mornings where we want to make something extra special, without spending hours in the kitchen. A waffle charcuterie board is going to be a lifesaver on Easter morning; it’s fun to make and comes together quickly! If you’re looking for some inspo, here’s a great how-to from The Kitchen Divas.

You can include some traditional waffle toppings–like chocolate chips, strawberries, bananas, and Nutella–as well as alternative toppings–like sliced almonds, shredded coconut, fried eggs, and even steak. Don’t like the idea of waffles on your brunch charcuterie board? No problem. Try cinnamon rolls! Or an avocado toast board. Just add Butter Bubbles!

Speaking of brunch…

JaM Along to Our Butter Bubbles Brunch Playlist

We have the perfect background music for your next bubbly brunch–but especially for your Easter Sunday brunch!

You bring the mimosas and waffles; we’ll bring the tunes.

Tune in and sip on our Bubbles Brunch Playlist all day! Make sure to stock up on #ButterBubbles before you brunch, and if you run out, don’t worry! We’re easy to spot at your local wine retailer or have a case of wine delivered straight to your door in under 60 minutes with our awesome delivery partners.

Have an egg-cellent Easter, JaM Family!

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JaM Cellars
March 15, 2022 | JaM Cellars

Brunch was Designed to Have Wine with Breakfast

Enjoying brunch at home is WAY more fun than trying to squeeze into a restaurant on one of its busiest days of the year. Hosting at your place means you can control the guest list, the music and the menu. But when it comes to the menu–what in the world are you supposed to make?

We’ve done the hard work for you, so you can simply sip back, celebrate spring and tuck into breakfast with wine. Here are our wine-derful, egg-cellent brunch pairings:

Blueberry Waffles with Blueberry Sauce + Butter Chardonnay

When it comes to blueberry waffles for brunch, go chard or go home! Our lush Butter Chardonnay is the perfect match for not-too-sweet blueberry waffles. This boozy pair will have you sprinting to the buffet for seconds. Every. Single. Time.

Overnight Sausage Egg Casserole + Toast Sparkling

The beauty of an easy overnight casserole is that you’ll have more time for sipping before your guests arrive instead of sweating in the kitchen. Prep this one the night before, then simply throw it in the oven as your guests arrive–greeting them with a glass of Toast Sparkling, of course.

German Chocolate Waffles + Butter Cabernet

Chocolate and wine are a girl’s best friend, right? So, what about serving both at your next brunch? One bite of these decadent chocolate waffles will have you scrambling to find Butter Cab, because these two brunch favs go together like, well…Cab & Chocolate!

Huevos Rancheros + Butter Cab

Cabernet? More like, caber-yay! You might be thinking, “red wine for brunch??” but that’s only because you’ve never had it paired with huevos rancheros. Trust us, this pairing will take your brunch to the next level. And honestly, if you enjoy a mimosa for breakfast, you Butter believe red wine is fine, too.

The bursts of fruity flavor from the Butter Cab will complement this popular spicy Mexican-style brunch food so well that your guests will be wondering where you learned to pair like a pro.

Chicken and Waffles + Butter Bubbles

Fried chicken and bubbles make for one of the greatest pairings any brunch menu has ever known. #Facts. The oil, salt and fat of the chicken lends itself perfectly to the creamy effervescence of the Butter Bubbles–cleansing your palate and offering a sparkling surprise with every sip.

We definitely didn’t waffle over these chicken and waffle recipes. Check out a few of our favorites:

Level-up your spring picnics, Sunday brunches and everything in between by bringing along the perfect JaM wines. From smooth Butter Chardonnay to excitable Butter Bubbles, there’s something for everyone at your brunch table.

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