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JaM Cellars
September 24, 2020 | JaM Cellars

Sweet Never Tasted So Good...

Pouring JaM Cellars Sugar into glass

Sweet never tasted SO good…

We’ve got a sweet tooth that only Sugar will cure! Every now and then we all crave a little something sweet, and right now, maybe a little more than usual? Seeing as you asked, John and Michele decided to add another easy-to-love wine to the JaM Cellars line up…

Sugar Sweet White is a delightfully fresh, bright and balanced Californian Moscato with just the right kiss of sweetness. Super fruity, refreshing, lower alcohol, and just perfect to put a smile on your face.

Here’s a few fun tips for enjoying Sugar Sweet White. After all…who wants just a spoonful, when you can have a glassful!

• So Chill. Sugar is delicious when served chilled straight from the fridge or ice bucket. Check out these fast-chilling tips (according to science) to get your bottle chilled down fast! 

• Sweet Chic. These v cool vintage coup glasses make this perfect aperitif feel extra chic. Pop them in the freezer 30 minutes before you serve to keep things frosty and fancy.

• Go Big or Go Salty. Sweet and salty is a rock-star combo. Go, “Nothing Fancy”, style with this creamy sesame turmeric dip or dig into your favorite bag of potato chips. Doritos? Kettle Chips? Your house, your rules.

• Spice it Up. Sweeter wines, like Sugar, make a great date with something spicy! Check out this round-up of bougie spicy snacks, or order in some spicy Pad Thai or Kung Pow Chicken from your local go-to delivery to keep it low-key.

• A Bite of Bitter (say that 5 times fast!). Lay out a pickle-y bitter-y snack-y board to sample for a bittersweet snack-a-long adventure. Include some of these quirky pickles, a batch of parm brussel sprouts in the air-fryer you’ve been meaning to use, and this yum-licious candied orange peel dipped in dark chocolate.

• Double Down on Dessert. Sweet wines with dessert is another level. Layout bowls of your favorite candy treats buffet-style to sample and snack while you sip after dinner. You can even DIY your own version of your fave candy bar at home!

Hey sugar, sugar…your sweet tooth is calling. Find Sugar in the wine aisle of your local grocery or big box store here, or buy online. Make it even sweeter with this perfect playlist to sip along to.

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JaM Cellars
April 30, 2020 | JaM Cellars

ButterVan Deliveries to a Front Porch Near You

JaM Cellars ButterVan delivery

Just cuz "staying home" is the new "going out" doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy more delicious fun. In fact, sounds like it's time to dial up the #ButterVan for delivery of your favorite JaM Cellars wines! Our JaMbassadors are ready to roll anywhere in Napa County with social-distance friendly, contact-less, next-day delivery; directly from JaM Cellars Wine & Music Studio to your front porch.

Order at least 6 bottles of Butter, JaM Cab, Candy, or Toast to get FREE ButterVan wine delivery at the time of your choosing. TIP: Schedule your wines to arrive by 4pm and join our JaMHappyHour to tell other JaMFans about your mouthwatering drop-off.

With these 4 EASY STEPS you’ll be sipping pretty at home, in no time.

• Step 1: Quick, dial the Butter Hot-WINE (707) 265-7577, email us at or ping us on LiveChat at

• Step 2: Invite your squad to Zoom in with you for JaMHappyHour (#WineWednesdays thru the wknd @ 4 pm PDT) to celebrate your new stash of wines.

• Step 3: Stay in your slippers and pick up the wines from your front porch, next day!

• Step 4: Chill, sip, and enjoy the fruits of your labor…that Butter wasn’t going to order itself!

Not in Napa or just want to gift your Midwest/East Coast BFFs some wine? Drizly has wine fairies across the country ready to bring you Butter within 60 minutes. Check ‘em out here!

Tag us in your #ButterVan photos @JaMCellars so we can share in the joy of your wine delivery! Cheers from JaM!

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