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JaM Cellars
January 22, 2020 | JaM Cellars

Let’s Get This Party BottleRock’n!

BottleRock 2020 with JaM Cellars

…Do you feel it?

That’s our summer-state-of-mind, keeping us warm as we count down the days to another JaM’n weekend at BottleRock 2020!

Can you believe it’s our 5th anniversary as presenting sponsors of BottleRock Napa Valley? Thanks to you, it keeps getting better…Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Dave Matthews Band, and Stevie Nicks will hit this year’s JaM Cellars Stage—we couldn’t be more stoked.

Are you ready to fill your GoVinos full of your favorite JaM Cellars wines, dance at the JaMPad, bump some ButterBalls, and get glam with our glitter-girls at the CandyCabana? Of course you are! Follow JaM Cellars on Facebook and Instagram for festival updates (who will play the JaMPad this year?) and awesome ticket giveaways…we want you there with us!

BottleRock poster for May 22-24, 20206


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JaM Cellars
January 22, 2020 | JaM Cellars

SundayFunday is Butter with Frosty

Snowman and JaM Cellars Butter

It’s winter #SundayFunday.

Your favorite cousins and old friends with their new boyfriends are gathering and the Butter is flowing. For some throwback-fun that gets everyone in the spirit, head outside and build a Butter snowman…you’ve got everything you need right there.

Move the Butter outside with you and tuck it right into the snow to keep chilled while you work. (ButterCans work great too!) Pack the snow tight and roll, roll, roll for a strong body about 2-3ft wide. Make the head about two thirds the size and smooth out his face with hands in warm gloves. Trade coal for Butter screw-cap eyes, add a Butter yellow beanie, throw on a scarf (because baby it’s cold outside) and more screw-caps for buttons on his “coat”.

Your new wine friend, Frosty, is a jolly happy soul because he’s had a couple glasses of wine, obviously. He’s the perfect Instagram-able buddy—get him a ButterCan or pour him some JaM Cab to snap your group selfie with. Bet you cannot wait for this memory to pop up in your feed next year!

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JaM Cellars
January 22, 2020 | JaM Cellars

2020 We’re Seeing Clearly Now…

Seeing a Butter future!

Butter Chardonnay's 10th birthday!

They say 2020 is the year of clear vision, it’s also Butter Chardonnay’s 10th birthday! So, in honor of both occasions, before we look forward, let’s look back…

JaM Cellars began in 2008. You all know that JaM is actually short for John and Michele (if you haven’t met them yet, check out their story) and JaM Cab was their first wine at JaM Cellars. They loved the fun and simplicity of calling their rich, berry-licious red wine, “JaM”.

The story goes that John and Michele were pouring JaM Cab with friends when someone said, “Hey, you guys should make a white wine and call it Butter!” Wait, what?!...So, in 2010 John and Michele made their first 1,000 cases of Butter Chardonnay. It sold out FAST that very first year, then the second, and then the third in a row. Today, Butter Chardonnay is the #2 selling chardonnay (over $12) across America! (Check out our nifty wine finder to find your closest store)

Turns out that when you love what you do, have fun doing it, and do it to the best of your ability—you can make something incredible, that people love.

The future is hard to tell, but here’s what we’re anticipating the next 10 years to bring…

• More music. We love to JaM—whether that’s in our hometown of Napa at the JaM Cellars wine and music studio, or at BottleRock Napa Valley music festival, or finding other ways to give you a soundtrack to sip to; we’re all-in on the music front. Stay tuned-in with our friends at iHeart Radio to hear JaM Cellars radio coming soon, and follow us on social (Insta, FB, Twitter) to hear about other gigs and festivals we’ll be sponsoring.

• More time with friends. JaM Cellars‘ reason for being is to have great tasting, reasonably priced wines that you’re excited to open with friends on any day of the week. Whether it’s the weekend, #WineWednesday, #WineOclock, or simply any day of the week with a “y” in it, we want to you spend it with those that we love. Cheers to that!

• More wine. Turns out that wine isn’t just for glasses and dinner tables. ButterCans and CandyCans are our pick on the go, by the pool, camping, tailgating and all the other “…ings” you can dream up. The cans have been a big hit in grocery and convenience stores, and for the ultimate convenience Alexa can now tell you where to find them—just ask her to “Open JaM Cellars” (find out more here). We’ll be getting out and about and bringing our wine with us, no excuses.

Thanks for being a JaMFan in the last decade and this decade to come, we can’t wait to wine with you in 2020!

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JaM Cellars
January 22, 2020 | JaM Cellars

Winter JaMSessions

JaM Cellars Wine and Music Studio

Weekly NO COVER JaMSessions

Come on in from the cold, cozy up to the bar at the JaM Cellars wine and music studio, and tune into the sweet sound of our weekly NO COVER JaMSessions; Fridays and Saturdays at 8PM. Beat the winter blues with scrumptious wine! Taste flights of California or Napa Valley Butter Chardonnay, California Candy Dry Rosé, or JaM Cab. Pop some Toast Sparkling (everyone gets a free splash daily at 4pm) or try the lastest JaM Cellars wine Sugar Sweet White, only here in Napa.

We’re turning the keys over to John Vicino on January 24th, and you Butter believe we'll be first-row for JaM Cellars regulars like the legendary Chris Pierce and the electric Michelle Lambert. The soulful Sunny & the Blackpack will also be holding down the house on February 1st. Want the full lineup? You can always check out our events page to peek the details. 

Line-up for Winter JaMs

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Why hello there! Welcome to JaM Cellars’ website.

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