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JaM Cellars
February 16, 2017 | JaM Cellars

Friday Night JaMSessions

Band playing at JaM Cellars wine and music studio

You’ve probably already heard JaM Cellars Napa is a wine and music-lover’s home away from home.

We’ve kitted the place out with comfy couches, drum ottomans, Rolling Stone magazine covers, Fender guitar barstools, old-school vinyl records, and plenty of our luscious, easy-to-love wines Butter, JaM and Toast. But you might not know that every Friday night, we have a JaMSession in our living room with some of the hottest bands around!

We bring in amazing performers like multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Chris Pierce, who’s opened for Seal and played all over the world. As the Presenting Sponsors of BottleRock 2017, we’re also on first-name terms with a lot of the bands slated for this year’s sold-out festival. In February we hosted JaMSessions with Pacific Radio and Serf & James, and in March we’re bringing another BottleRock artist to our cozy corner stage…check out our calendar. 

If you’re into awesome live music, small intimate venues, and luscious California wine, you need to get down here and JaM with us! No cover, and no reservations required. 

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JaM Cellars
February 16, 2017 | JaM Cellars

Want to JaM with Us at BottleRock?

Crowd led by guitar player JaMing at BottleRock

For the second year in a row, JaM Cellars is the presenting sponsor of BottleRock Napa Valley!

This year’s lineup is incredible, with headliners Maroon 5, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, and the Foo Fighters on the JaM Cellars Stage. It’s the best of music, wine and food in one gorgeous Napa Valley weekend. Who doesn’t want to be there?

The JaMPad near the JaM Cellars stage is going to be the ultimate spot to hang out, sip wine, and take in the awesomeness. Just like last year, we’ll be hosting live JaMSessions with artists throughout the day; live broadcasting from our tent; and the Butter, JaM, and Toast will be flowing all weekend. And we want you to come hang with us!

Tickets have been sold out for weeks, but we just might be able to help you share your first sip of summer with us….

From now through the beginning of May, JaMFans have the chance to win free tickets to this year’s event! Just sign up on Facebook, and share your post to automatically score 5 more entries! And for even more chances to go, get your friends to signup for The Scoop too! 

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JaM Cellars
February 16, 2017 | JaM Cellars

Host a Butter Oscar Party

Pouring bottle of JaM Cellars Butter into glasses with popcorn in background

These Oscar party tips will make a fun night even Butter….

  1. Start early. Because everyone knows the red carpet is the best part, put some Toast Sparkling on ice, pop the cork, and tune in at 4pm PST for gossip and gowns. Remember last year?  You know you’ll regret not watching it, and your guests will, too.
  2. Stock up on popcorn. Movies and popcorn are a classic combo for a reason. This is their night to shine, so break out the big bowls and of course a touch of Butter makes it better!
  3. Butter up your friends… and make it a potluck. No need to do it all alone! If they need some encouragement, give out some awards of your own… Best Appetizer, Best Supporting Cracker, etc. There are more award ideas and recipes on the official Oscar blog. 
  4. Spice up the speeches. No matter how many boring intros and acceptance speeches there are, you can keep your party rolling with Oscar bingo. Is there a fashion disaster on stage? Did somebody just thank their mom? You won’t want to look away. Don’t forget some extra bottles of Toast Sparkling for the winners!
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JaM Cellars
February 16, 2017 | JaM Cellars

If books are your JaM…

Two glasses of JaM Cellars Butter with home library in background

Book Club Month

February’s a great month to start a new book club (which we all know is code for wine drinking club). By February, everyone’s abandoned their pesky resolutions and cleanses, and you can get down to some serious literary discussions (teehee)! Plus, it’s Library Lovers’ Month, ( which obviously calls for a Toast or two.

Need some inspiration for great book pairings with Butter, JaM and Toast? Goodreads has a list of popular titles other book clubs have been reading. The Zookeeper’s Wife sounds like a great match for our bold, dark JaM Cab. The Happiness Project would be our pick for Butter. And The Wedding Promise just has a Toast Sparkling pairing calling our name.

Of course, if the winter weather’s got you down, you could also just join this YouTube book club and enjoy your glass of Butter from the comfort of your favorite sweatpants. (You know you want to!)

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JaM Cellars
February 16, 2017 | JaM Cellars

Can We Just Skip to Spring?

Bottle of JaM Cellars Butter lying on array of Spring clothing articles

Switch to Sunny!

Enough with winter blahs. Let’s skip straight to spring! Elle Magazine’s thinking 50 Shades of Yellow this year, and we’re totally on board. Yellow’s the color of hope, happiness, inspiration and fun…which makes Butter the ultimate spring accessory for 2017... or really, anytime! (Who doesn’t love a Butter yellow bathing suit?

Look for sunny scarves, bright gold gloves, and oversize Butter-y handbags (big enough to hold a bottle, of course) to get a jump on the Chardonnay-sipping season we’re all looking forward to!

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