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JaM Cellars
February 14, 2022 | JaM Cellars

Spring for Wine at JaM Cellars Wine & Music Studio

The Groundhog said six weeks left of winter, but here in Napa we’ve got sunny days and temps in the 60’s (and more!). OK so it does chill down in the evenings to a brisk 30 or 40 degrees, but that’s just a great excuse for opening some rich and warming JaM Cabernet and sinking into a booth at our downtown Napa home.

Here’s what’s happening at the JaM Cellars wine & music studio as we count the days to spring’s official start on March 20th…

NEW Butters are being poured: If you haven’t tried them yet, get over here now. They are rich, smooth and lush in a way only Butter can be. NEW Butter Cab is silky and fruity; NEW Butter Bubbles is perfect for every-day popping. 

LIVE JaMSessions Fridays and Saturdays are featuring hot talent like Nicole MardenJared Harper and other great artists. Music starts at 9pm. Reserve your experience now. 

YES, you can sing! So belt out your fav tune every 3rd Thursday on karaoke nights at JaM. Debuting February 17th with prizes for the best vocals. And following up on St Patty’s Day March 17th, so practice those Irish ballads!

Sunday March 13th is spring forward which means we lose an hour of wine time. So get here early…luckily we open at 10am!

Feeling FANCY? The 2022 Spring JaMBash is Saturday March 26th. Historic setting, special pours, bites by Chef Logan and a band! Contact us for very limited tickets. Fancy looks good on you!

Rain or shine, JaM Cellars wine & music studio is open 7 days a week, with a JaMbassador ready to pour. And don’t forget the complimentary daily toast with Toast Sparkling at 5.15pm! Just check out our 5* reviews or add one of your own.  





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JaM Cellars
February 8, 2022 | JaM Cellars

6 Sippable Ways to Celebrate Winter!

Winter is a curious time of year. Yes, it's freezing. Yes, the skies are a little gray. But once you're able to get past the chilly facade of this seemingly endless season, you really start to realize all the beauty the cold weather brings.

There may be no sight more breathtaking than that of the first snowfall…and is there any other time of year when OK to stay home wrapped up in a blanket sipping rich, lush, and smooth Butter Cab for three months straight?

That's right: winter is actually kind of awesome. Here’s how we’re turning wintertime into wine-time!


Build a Snowman

Fresh blanket of snow on the ground? Wrap up warm, tap into your childhood, and go make a snowman. We all know you have the perfect closet to make this snowman (or snow-woman!) the best-looking one on your block. That Zara scarf isn’t going to wear itself… And, while you’re feeling playful, don’t forget that snowman-building is always better with a ButterCan in hand.

Try a New Winter Sport

There are sooooo many different fun winter sports that you can try for the first time, without being a pro. Think: sledding, ice skating or even snowboarding! The only thing you have to do is get outside and enjoy the chilly winter air. And the best part about winter sports? APRÉS SKI. Crack open a bottle of #JaMCabernet and you’ve won winter six ways till Sunday. 



Buy Some Fun Winter Accessories

You will never regret hitting “buy” on that cute new beanie, colorful mittens…. or door delivery of Butter Bubbles. #treatyourself

Bake Some Winter Treats

When that cookie-scented candle starts making your stomach growl, whip up an easy-baked brie and double the delicious scents in your home. And don’t forget to sip while you prep! This JaM’n Berry Baked Brie will surprise you by how easy it is and how bougie it tastes. What are you waiting for? Warm your heart and your belly with this recipe, and don’t forget the #JaMCabernet!


Make a Winter-Themed Cocktail

With all this snow coming down, there's no better way to warm up than with a winter-themed cocktail in hand. Try our festive SugarBerri Winter Wine-tail or make a batch of Raspbubbly Toast-inis! Make sure to stock up on JaM Cellars wine beforehand, because this is going to become a wintertime favorite for all your friends and family.

Cuddle up in Front of the Fire

No matter whether you're snuggling with a romantic partner, a dog, or by yourself with a glass of wine–you'll be mesmerized by the cozy flickering flames in front of you. Whether it’s a real fireplace, a little chiminea on your patio, or a sizzling YouTube fireplace video playing on your TV, a snuggle sesh with a bottle of Butter Cabernet is the perfect wintertime activity. 

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JaM Cellars
February 8, 2022 | JaM Cellars

#NationalToastDay; Fab Four Toast Sparkling Wine-tail Recipes


It’s #NationalToastDay, which is something we take pretty seriously around here. What do we spread on our #toast? Nothing—you’ll find our toasts in your favorite flute, coupe, tulip, or wine glass filled with juicy #ToastSparkling.

Here are 5 of our favorite bubbly cocktail recipes in honor of #NationalToastDay. No #ToastSparkling chilling in the fridge? Get delivery chilled and ready to pop NOW! 


1. OG Toast-mosa

We know; this one is kind of self-explanatory–good ol’ orange juice and Toast Sparkling. But we just *had* to include it in our love-letter to #ToastSparkling! What’s better than a wine glass brimming with orange juice and its BFF, Toast??


2. Creamsicle Toast-mosa

We've made your Sunday morning girls brunch even better with a dreamy, creamy, bubbly twist!

This update is "Easy Like Sunday Morning" to prepare, and is sure to be a smash hit! Just blend together one frozen vanilla yogurt cup (or a couple of scoops of froyo if you prefer), half a can of orange juice concentrate, and a bottle of #ToastSparkling!


3. Raspbubbly Toastini

This recipe features our delicious bubbly wine, Toast Sparkling. It’s the perfect celebration in your glass any day of the year, but especially on #NationalToastDay. Brunch isn't brunch without mimosas, and raspberry mimosas make it even better. Serve these Raspbubbly Toastinis next time you’re hosting, and you’ll be crowned Queen of Brunch for sure. 


4. Tropical Toast-ini

Tropical Toast-inis are the perfect year-round cocktail! Here's a twist on the classic Bellinis, featuring your favorite sparkling wine–Toast! The delicious Tropical Toast-ini is definitely our kind of JaM, and is perfect whatever the weather channel is predicting. Celebrate #NationalToastDay in true JaM Cellars style with a few of these fruity toast-inis!


Happy National Toast Day!

Are you celebrating #NationalToastDay with us? Which one is your favorite? Tag us in your celebrations, and don’t forget to subscribe to The Scoop and follow us on FB and Insta so you never miss a celebration! 

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JaM Cellars
February 4, 2022 | JaM Cellars

Wine plus Music is the language of LOVE


Love, music, and wine come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors – just like US! Get inspired to honor your honey (and yourself) with some dang-great music and JaM-GOOD wines just in time for Galentine's and Valentine's Day!


Tune In and JaM Out!


“Making a playlist is a delicate art,” says Zoe Kravitz in HBO’s High Fidelity. Of course: we couldn’t agree more. From finding the perfect songs to putting them all together in just the right order, there is definitely an art to making the perfect playlist.


You're in luck because we've combed, sipped, and JaMmed through an entire treasury of songs to come up with the best of the best. đź‘Ś


JaM Cellars Galentines Day Playlist. Perfect for:

Girlfriends brunch with Butter, JaM and Toast.
Backyard picnic with ButterCans
Primping and pregaming for a night on the town with Butter Bubbles.
A JaMmin’ night in for all your girlfriends with all the Butters!


JaM Cellars Valentine’s Day Playlist. Perfect for:

A romantic walk in the park sharing AirPods with ButterCans.
Sharing a bath – just add Butter Bubbles.
Your fav takeout sushi, a backyard firepit, and a bottle of Toast.


Check out all the other amazing JaM Cellar’s Spotify playlists here!


Make it a Movie Night!


Get the girls over for movie night this Galentines, Saturday 13th February with these girl power flicks with awesome soundtracks. Serve Butter Chardonnay and popcorn and get your groove on!


Snuggle up with your honey and feel the love this Valentine's Day Monday 14th February with these love stories and some rich, smooth, luscious Butter Cab. Maybe add some classic movie theater candy: classic box of Raisinets? M&Ms?


And always remember: If you can’t be with the one you love, love the wine you’re with! Even when that’s just YOU! Be sure to pick up your favorite JaM Cellars easy-to-love wines in the wine aisle or put your feet up and get delivery!


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JaM Cellars
February 1, 2022 | JaM Cellars

Chilly or Chilled, the JaMily Celebrates Winter with Wine


From cozying up with a bottle of JaM Cabernet on California’s sunny coast to thawing out from a long day of skiing with a few après-ski toasts with Toast Sparkling, the JaM team sure knows how to celebrate the winter season in style with wine-derful winter traditions…


Michele, the “M” in JaM Cellars

“Like any Mom with teenagers, half my time is spent driving my kid's places, the other half spent working, and the third half (!) making sure our family gets dinner, clean clothes and the house isn’t a disaster. Yep—like all Moms, I’m maxed out. But right around 8.30pm I might get a window for wine and right now with chilly dark nights, it’s Butter Cabernet in my glass. No fancy setting or gourmet snacks, but I will sink into my favorite chair and just take a moment to sip before the inevitable “Mom…” is called from upstairs.”


Sarah, Marketing Maven

“The Hubs has a sweet tooth—chocolate all the way. I’m the opposite, give me salt and crunch, especially in the form of a sharp cheddar. Luckily, JaM Cabernet goes great with both options! Wintertime, we’ll cozy up on the couch Sunday afternoon and binge watch 3-4 episodes (current addiction being Ted Lasso) with our personal snack plates. The thing is I’m also likely to snag an extra splash of JaM Cabernet with a piece of his chocolate for dessert. Yum!”


Emily, Events Handywoman

“I'm a gal who definitely loves a winter chill, but sometimes it's a little too much even for me! And I can't think of a better way to wind down and warm up from a crisp winter day out than with a long, relaxing bubble bath. I'll turn down the lights, light a couple of candles and add even more bubbles with a glass of Butter Bubbles, California.


Katie, Media & Ad Diva, M.A.D.

Jacuzzi time with JaM Cabernet in the redwoods! That’s what I did on a January trip to Mendocino, and it was luxuuuurious. Mendocino is the perfect blend of forest and ocean and its cold weather begs for a good soak. I loved sinking into the outdoor redwood jacuzzi with a large glass of rich juicy JaM Cabernet with the scent of pine trees in the chilly air. I felt like a bougie pioneer woman!


Greg, Photo & Video Swiss Army Knife

After an epic day on the slopes you get to kick back with your buddies and trade stories from the day; from the most fearless cliff drop to the best all-out yard sale. A day of shredding the gnar gives way to an evening of shredded cheese melted over chips. This is the time we crack open a bottle (or two) of Butter Cab, California or pop the top on some Toast Sparkling and cheers to the snow gods. Cheers to a great snow season—you’ll find me in the mountains!


Maura, Social Media Ninja

“One of my favorite places in Northern California is Fort Ross. Just up the Sonoma coast. The ocean has always been my happy place, even happier when I bring wine with me and enjoy a weekend cozied up on the coast in my favorite lodge. A wood-burning fireplace, hot tub, and trails right outside my door. After a day spent hiking, grilling up a yummy dinner, and enjoying a glass of JaM Cabernet by the fire is my fav winter-time play date.”


Ashley, Branding Babe

​​I love a good adventure (preferably in the summer), but just give me a few more sweaters–and some ButterCans–and I’m ready to go. Snowboarding is my winter sport of choice and luckily ButterCans fit perfectly in my backpack and pockets. Plus, I’m everyone’s favorite on the mountain because I always bring extra so everyone can join in on Wine O’Clock with a view at the top of the mountain!


Larry, JaMClub Hero

For me, JaM Cabernet is a great go-to wine any time of year—rich, fruity and delicious. I’m actually out of stock right now as I gave it out as gifts for the Holidays. It’s become a bit of a tradition and my family and neighbors love it, with it’s rich, fruity, bold taste and bright red label it’s warming and festive. At least my JaMClub shipment is coming up soon!


Coco, Wine & Music Host Extraordinaire 

I’m lucky enough to help guests enjoy our great wines and live music here in downtown Napa all day long. So, what’s my go-to when I get home? Right now, I’m loving our new Butter Cab—it’s crazy rich and smooth and the screw cap makes it a breeze to pour just a glass. For me, it’s the perfect wine-down wine—slippers on, in my jammies, in front of the fire, and yep, you guessed it—music playing.


Michelle, Content Queen

“I’ve always been a bit of a wild child and winter, for me, means a whole new playground. Snowshoeing, skiing, tubing, ice skating, snowmobiling—it’s all got my name on it. After a long day in the snow, there’s nothing better than a little après ski chill-out time. A glass of Butter Chardonnay, California makes me a happy lass, and is the cherry on top of an active and awesome winter day!”


And YOU?


How are you wine-ing this winter? Cozying with JaM Cabernet? Or pouring a glass of #ButterChardonnay and firing up Google Flights to get out of the snow?

Even if you’re staying put this winter, with the right mindset, a full stash of JaM Cellars wines, and a little bit of inspo, you can make your winter hibernation totally wine-derful!

Share your favorite winter traditions with us on Instagram @JaMCellars.


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