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JaM Cellars
March 15, 2022 | JaM Cellars

Easter is Better with #Butter

Spring has sprung, and who else is totally egg-cited for Easter weekend?

Whether you’re celebrating with your friends, your family, or flying solo for Easter, we have a few ways to make your Easter Brunch even Butter this year. Stream our Bubbles Brunch Playlist right now and sip while you sift through a few of our favorite Easter ideas.

Make a #Butter Mimosa Bar

Mimosas are a Sunday staple. But why not take your Easter Sunday to the next level with a full mimosa bar spread? Stocked with plenty of chilled Butter Bubbles, fresh juices, and fun fruits to add to your flutes, a DIY mimosa bar will be the perfect choice for any Easter brunch–adding a little extra fizz to your already fuzzy Easter Bunny day.

Here are some fun ideas for your #Butter mimosa bar:

  • Mango Peach Mimosa

    The combination of peach and mango juice is delectably addicting. This mimosa is your newest obsession!

  • Blood Orange Mimosa

    Take your classic mimosa to the next level with blood orange juice! Plus add a blood orange slice to your glass for some extra flair.

  • Lavender Lemon Mimosa

    This mimosa is perfect for spring: fresh lemonade, Butter Bubbles, and a sprig of lavender. Boom!

  • Sherbet Mimosa

    Yes, it’s time to level-up your mimosa bar with a delicious scoop of sherbet (we suggest raspberry) for an extra creamy mimosa! Top with Butter Bubbles and add in fresh raspberries for extra pizazz—now that’s bliss.

  • Strawberry Grapefruit Mimosa

    A refreshing combination of flavors. Grab your cocktail shaker and combine grapefruit juice and strawberry slices to infuse those flavors before adding your Butter Bubbles. Deeeelish!  

Organize an Adult Easter Egg Hunt

Who ever said Easter egg hunts are only for kids? Wine not join in on the fun?

Adult Easter egg hunts can be just as easy to set up as the kid’s version, simply swapping out candy for cash, notes of gratitude, mini scratch-offs, boozy jelly beans or better yet: Butter Cans.

Play a game of “Who Hid the Butter” and hide a bunch of ButterCans around your yard for your lucky (adult) guests to find.

Even if you decide to keep things traditional and you just fill them with regular Easter candy, it will still be a fun game for the adults to play (especially after a few trips to the #Butter mimosa bar).

Make a Waffle Charcuterie Board

Love waffles? Well, your waffle obsession is about to get a whole lot more intense...

Whatever holiday you’re celebrating, we all have those mornings where we want to make something extra special, without spending hours in the kitchen. A waffle charcuterie board is going to be a lifesaver on Easter morning; it’s fun to make and comes together quickly! If you’re looking for some inspo, here’s a great how-to from The Kitchen Divas.

You can include some traditional waffle toppings–like chocolate chips, strawberries, bananas, and Nutella–as well as alternative toppings–like sliced almonds, shredded coconut, fried eggs, and even steak. Don’t like the idea of waffles on your brunch charcuterie board? No problem. Try cinnamon rolls! Or an avocado toast board. Just add Butter Bubbles!

Speaking of brunch…

JaM Along to Our Butter Bubbles Brunch Playlist

We have the perfect background music for your next bubbly brunch–but especially for your Easter Sunday brunch!

You bring the mimosas and waffles; we’ll bring the tunes.

Tune in and sip on our Bubbles Brunch Playlist all day! Make sure to stock up on #ButterBubbles before you brunch, and if you run out, don’t worry! We’re easy to spot at your local wine retailer or have a case of wine delivered straight to your door in under 60 minutes with our awesome delivery partners.

Have an egg-cellent Easter, JaM Family!

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JaM Cellars
March 15, 2022 | JaM Cellars

Make Every Day Better with #Butter!

We don’t know about you, but around here, everything's better with a little Butter. Because we’re (albeit, self-proclaimed) experts at recognizing the finer things in life, we have a few ideas on how to make every day a little bit…well…Butter! And with ButterCans, NEW Butter Cab and NEW Butter Bubbles, there’s so many options for a #ButterDay.


Love a great soundtrack while you sip? JaM has got you with yummy playlists to go with your fav wines? From Yellow Happy Hour to Wine + Dine, we’ll have you dancing on Cloud Wine in no time. Crank up your speakers, pop the chilled Butter Bubbles, and get your endorphins flowing with those sassy dance moves.  

Pour & Prep

You can order takeout if that's what you're *really* craving, but making dinner at home has its advantages. Whether you’re earning snaps for hosting a girl's night in? Getting cozy at home with your other half? Or treating yourself to your favorite comfort foods? There’s nothing better than cracking open a ButterCan and pouring a glass while you prep. After all you are doing all the hard work, and you deserve a little Butter love.

Best tip ever? These beyond easy dinner at home ideas so you don’t have to work too hard to earn that delicious pour…


Dive Into a Good Book (with a Splash!)

Hear us out: a good bottle of wine and a good book will make ANY day a little #butter.

Is there a pile of books you’ve been meaning to read? Or a few audiobooks that you just haven’t gotten around to listening to? Well, the time is now! You’ve got one hand for wine and one for that hot new psych thriller, so find a little slice of sunshine, pour yourself a glass of Butter (and cozy up with a new book. Just a warning though: the time WILL fly by when you do this.

Here’s your top reading & pouring list:

  • Anatomy: A Love Story by Dana Schwartz with Butter Cab

    Dive into this romance mystery with sumptuous Butter Cab. A #1 New York Times Bestseller, Instant USA Today Bestseller, and (fun fact) Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club Pick! Schwarts takes her readers to Edinburgh in 1915, specifically to a graveyard; are you hooked yet?

  • Your Fully Charged Life by Meghan B Murphy with Butter Chardonnay

    Get your daily dose of inspiration, motivation, and advice from Woman’s Day Magazine’s Content Director, Megan B Murphy. Sip on Butter Chardonnay while reading how to add more “yay” into your daily life—now that’s a double win.

  • The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave with a ButterCan

    A fantastic thriller mystery surrounding a mom and daughter’s search for the truth. Will you find it? Enjoy a ButterCan on your journey.

  • Yes Please by Amy Poehler with Butter Bubbles

    If you’re looking for something a bit more, bubbly… this one’s for you! Pop that cork and sip back for hours of personal stories, lists and advice straight from Amy. This one’s a must-have on the #TBR list!

Plan a Vacay and Vacate

Maybe it’s not in the budget right now, or maybe you don't have someone to watch your fur babies while you’re away; either way, the whole process of planning a vacation can be so much fun. You can browse cool stays on Airbnb, scan for great deals on Domestic flights, and brush up on European backpacking tips from the comfort of your couch–glass of Butter in hand of course.

But whether you're sunning in Palm Springs or planning the next trip from your bed, our delicious and affordable wines are just a click away. Order up some wine with our fast and convenient delivery partners and have a #ButterDay without ever taking your cloud slides off.

Go for a Walk

Want to have a #ButterDay? Take a hike…literally.

Not only does this help boost your levels of vitamin D, but it also gets you out of your house and gives you some much-needed change of scenery. Grab a ButterCan (they’re pocket-sized), and head outside. Plan ahead (check out this great list of hikes by state) and bonus points for getting your friends or family to join you. Just make sure they pack their own ButterCans!

Chill Out (And Chill Your #Bubbles!)

More now than ever before, it’s important to find the time to just BE.

With all the distractions, notifications, and responsibilities that we face throughout the day, sometimes it’s just nice to sit and think. Pour yourself a glass of Butter Bubbles, post up on the porch, sink into the couch or even slide into bed, and just focus on relaxing.

Make Every Day Better with Butter

No #Butter? No problem! We’ll come to you.

With convenient delivery straight to your door, your day will be looking #Butter in 60 minutes or less. Now go on and have a delicious day today, JaM lovers!

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JaM Cellars
March 15, 2022 | JaM Cellars

Brunch was Designed to Have Wine with Breakfast

Enjoying brunch at home is WAY more fun than trying to squeeze into a restaurant on one of its busiest days of the year. Hosting at your place means you can control the guest list, the music and the menu. But when it comes to the menu–what in the world are you supposed to make?

We’ve done the hard work for you, so you can simply sip back, celebrate spring and tuck into breakfast with wine. Here are our wine-derful, egg-cellent brunch pairings:

Blueberry Waffles with Blueberry Sauce + Butter Chardonnay

When it comes to blueberry waffles for brunch, go chard or go home! Our lush Butter Chardonnay is the perfect match for not-too-sweet blueberry waffles. This boozy pair will have you sprinting to the buffet for seconds. Every. Single. Time.

Overnight Sausage Egg Casserole + Toast Sparkling

The beauty of an easy overnight casserole is that you’ll have more time for sipping before your guests arrive instead of sweating in the kitchen. Prep this one the night before, then simply throw it in the oven as your guests arrive–greeting them with a glass of Toast Sparkling, of course.

German Chocolate Waffles + Butter Cabernet

Chocolate and wine are a girl’s best friend, right? So, what about serving both at your next brunch? One bite of these decadent chocolate waffles will have you scrambling to find Butter Cab, because these two brunch favs go together like, well…Cab & Chocolate!

Huevos Rancheros + Butter Cab

Cabernet? More like, caber-yay! You might be thinking, “red wine for brunch??” but that’s only because you’ve never had it paired with huevos rancheros. Trust us, this pairing will take your brunch to the next level. And honestly, if you enjoy a mimosa for breakfast, you Butter believe red wine is fine, too.

The bursts of fruity flavor from the Butter Cab will complement this popular spicy Mexican-style brunch food so well that your guests will be wondering where you learned to pair like a pro.

Chicken and Waffles + Butter Bubbles

Fried chicken and bubbles make for one of the greatest pairings any brunch menu has ever known. #Facts. The oil, salt and fat of the chicken lends itself perfectly to the creamy effervescence of the Butter Bubbles–cleansing your palate and offering a sparkling surprise with every sip.

We definitely didn’t waffle over these chicken and waffle recipes. Check out a few of our favorites:

Level-up your spring picnics, Sunday brunches and everything in between by bringing along the perfect JaM wines. From smooth Butter Chardonnay to excitable Butter Bubbles, there’s something for everyone at your brunch table.

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JaM Cellars
March 9, 2022 | JaM Cellars

Hold Tight Spring, JaM is Comin’ for YOU

March at JaM Cellars Wine and Music StudioCome check out all the bright, beautiful YELLOW in and around Napa in March: sunshine, mustard in the vineyards, and of course all the Butters—Butter Chardonnay, NEW Butter Cab, Butter Bubbles, ButterCans (and for those in the know, Butter Chardonnay, Napa Valley.) It’s enough to make you wanna sing…or at least listen to live music!

The perfect place to soak it all in this spring is the JaM Cellars wine & music studio right in downtown Napa. Grab a rezzy HERE (inside or on the patio) so that our wonderful JaMbassadors can be ready to welcome you. Open 10am til late with live JaMSessions on the weekends. 

Check out the catchy pop melodies of @nicolemardenmusic on Saturday, March 19. Her evocative narrative is a musical journey that will keep you JaM’in into the night. Or try out an evening with @jtharps from season 18 of “The Voice,” on Friday, March 25. Big talent in a cozy space, with great wines. It doesn’t get much better. 

Check out all our fab March JaMSession artists here HERE


But that’s not all we’ve got going on in March…

Calling all car belters, shower singers, and novice rock stars—it’s JaM-GOOD Karaoke Night this St. Patrick’s Day March 17th 7:00-10:00pm. Grab your besties, throw on your greenest gear, and join us for a few glasses of #Butter as we sing our hearts out on St. Paddy’s Day. Reserve your spot, we can’t wait to  hear you there!

We are SO JaM READY for longer days and sunshine, so let’s celebrate with the most awesome Napa party ever…that’s right the Spring JaMBash will be March 26th. We know you love a great time…and JaM has got you! Best-in-the-biz JaMbassadors will be serving up exclusive Napa Valley JaM Cellars wines and yummy food from our own Chef Logan! Get your tix NOW.

Check out our Facebook event page for an updated list of karaoke times and other live shows. For parties and rezzies, go to





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