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JaM Cellars
June 20, 2019 | JaM Cellars

Best BottleRock Ever?

Best BottleRock Ever? BottleRock stage with crowd

We danced in the rain, sipped Butter in the JaMPad, and had the best time EVER JaMming at BottleRock 2019. Should we relive our favorite moments? We think yes.

The JaM bands kept coming… The most bands ever played the JaMPad this year. Fifteen outstanding JaMSessions with 97.3’s Jayn kept us moving to the beat whenever the JaM Cellars Stage was on break (and whenever we needed a Frosé refill!) We got up close and personal with Michael Franti, Skylar Grey, lovelytheband, Elle King, Bishop Briggs and so many more—all listed on a sweet lithographed JaMPad lineup poster that went home with 500 lucky festival go-ers. Did you catch the livestreams? #TakeMeBack with our fun wrap video below. 

Sparkled Up at the CandyCabana - Thanks to the Glitter Girls at the CandyCabana, we were bright and shining for every photo op. Especially pics with Cali The Candy Unicorn and our fabulous new selfie station. So many pics of BottleRockers sippin’ on California Candy Frosé—all day!

Just Add Butter - All that dancing really worked up a thirst and JaMFans celebrated their favorite chard (🎶 We got that Butter Chardonnay đźŽ¶) JaM Cabernet, and California Candy Dry Rosé. We didn’t miss a beat (or a sip of Butter) over at the Culinary Stage as Alice Cooper, Questlove, Big Boi and more took the stage and raised a glass to let the good times keep cooking.  

Turn Up at the JaM Cellars Stage - Elle King rocking out was, of course, one of the highlights at the JaM Cellars Stage this year, but how amazing were our headliners, Imagine Dragons, Neil Young, and Mumford and Sons?!

Let’s do it all again (and again) - Were you JaM’ing out with us from afar? Or need to relive the moments from home (or your desk)? Check out our livestream videos saved to keep the good vibes rolling all summer long. See you next year, BottleRock-ers!

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JaM Cellars
June 20, 2019 | JaM Cellars

Butter Napa Got a Makeover!

Woman holding a bottle of JaM Cellars Butter Chardonnay

Have you met (and sipped) Butter Chardonnay, Napa yet?

The Butter you know and love comes in a Napa Valley release with even richer creamy-deliciousness. Made with premium grapes from JaM Cellars’ hometown, 2018 Butter Napa is perfect for when you’re feeling that little bit “extra”.

We just gave this lush Butter a makeover. Check out the fancy bottle featuring John and Michele, who are the “J” and “M” in JaM. Plus it has the cutest Butter-yellow tag, so you know you’ll get that melt-in-your-mouth feeling with every sip!

Ready to stock up? Butter Napa is only available online, and at our Wine and Music Studio in downtown Napa. So you either need to plan a visit to Napa, or let us ship it directly to your doorstep!

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JaM Cellars
June 20, 2019 | JaM Cellars

Summer Of The Traveling Cans

JaM Cellars ButterCan in back pocket of woman wearing lacy butter-yellow top

Grab your buds and hold on to your cans…

4 packs of ButterCans and CandyCans are designed to take an adventure from fun to fabulous with every sip.

Where will you take your cans on adventure? Here’s where you’ll find us all summer long, cans in hand!

Your Backyard: BBQ grillin’ and poolside chillin’ are the perfect place to sip on CandyCans…don’t forget to recycle those babies!

We’re Seeing Stars: the best view always takes a little work. Grab a fanny pack, some CandyCans and make the climb…whether that’s top of the hill or even the rooftop!

Beach, please. If you’re hitting the beach, pack up your cooler with ButterCans for a sunny day and a cool glass of chardonnay.

Picnic in the park: grab a blanket, a basket, and ButterCans. Lighter to carry, easier to sip, and perfect for lounging the afternoon away under your favorite oak tree. Isn’t that what summer is all about?

Dance the CandyCan: if you can’t make it to one of the summer’s best music festivals…throw your own fest. Pop open cans, rock your fave JaM Cellars Playlist (BottleRock 2019 playlist on repeat over here!) and dance your day (or night) away, CandyCans in hand!

Have Boat. Will Wine. Whether you’re feeling ambitious about fishing, or ambitious about perfecting those tan lines, a few ButterCans in the cooler are the perfect addition to your tacklebox.

Wherever your summer adventures take you, take ButterCans and CandyCans along the way for the best time ever... the adventure starts in your local wine aisle! Find your favorites using the Wine Finder and let’s kick off the best summer yet!

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JaM Cellars
June 20, 2019 | JaM Cellars

4 Ways To Sparkle On 4th of July

Two women and man in fedora holding up glasses of JaM Cellars Toast wine

Celebrate with Toast!

We really believe you don’t need a special occasion to pop open a bottle of Toast... but it certainly helps!

We can’t think of a better day than the 4th of July to pop some corks and sparkle on with our delicious California sparkling wine, Toast! Light fizzy bubbles, tropical fruit notes and plenty of fun bottled up  to make this our perfectly fabulous wine for any celebration. Time to ice down some bottles and bring on the party!

Fireworks, fun and fabulous wine - Ok, but how cute are these heart-shaped sparklers? Order up plenty to share when the light is fading and the Toast is chilling. If you’re extra fancy, get a photo-savvy friend to set up some long-exposure shots. Bonus points for anyone that can get a “I Love JaM” shot!

Sparkle On, Butter Babes - You know we have a thing for glitter (Our CandyCabana Glitter Girls at BottleRock really do it up!) and why shouldn’t you sparkle from day to night? Pour yourself a glass of Toast and dazzle up for the party with some of your own at-home sparkle.

Toast with Toast - Everyone grab a govino and get ready to pop the cork when the first shower of fireworks lights up the sky!

Happy Birthday to the “J” in JaM! - JaM Cellars Founder, John, gets fireworks on his birthday every year since he shares his birthday with Independence Day. We like his style…making your birthday a national holiday, and everyone celebrates with you! A Toast to John, and a very happy 4th of July from all of us at JaM Cellars!

Don’t forget to tag us in your fabulous Fourth activities on Facebook and Instagram with #JaMCellars!

You can always track down your Toast supply on our super handy Wine Finder to make sure you’re never out of stock and the party keeps on going! Want a case and want it delivered, we got ya with shipping included (for a limited time) right here!

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