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JaM Cellars
October 4, 2021 | JaM Cellars

Hallo-Wine at JaM Cellars, Napa: More treats than tricks!

Rocktober JaM poster

October in Napa Valley is a very special time of the year….

Harvest is coming to a close, the vineyards are changing colors, and the weather is cooling down a little bit. Break out your slippers, unscrew the JaM Cab, and settle in with our Sweater Weather playlist on Spotify. FALL IS HERE! 🙌 

Get in the season’s spirit and JaM along with us at our wine and music studio in downtown Napa, all month long!

Rocktober 🎸

Grab your flannel, pick up your besties, and head down to JaM Cellars wine and music studio downtown Napa for some rad JaMSessions this Rocktober! We’ll be featuring some Butter than ever musical guests like---Rebel Shakedown, Kristen Van Dyke, and David Ronconi.

Craving a treat? Our JaMBassadors will have your fav JaM Cellars California and Napa Valley wines to cozy up with! NEW to the lineup is the 2018 JaM Cellars Pinot Noir, Napa Valley—black cherry, roses and spice…um, yes please!! There is always something new, fun, and sippable to look forward to.

Check out our upcoming events to plan your trip!

Hallo-wine JaM posterHallo-Wine Karaoke JaMBash & Costume Contest 🎤

Are you a wannabe rock star? How about a dedicated shower-singer? This event is for you! Join us this Hallo-weekend as we croon away the Summer Scaries. What’s better than sipping some Butter Chardonnay in its downtown Napa home? How about singin’ and sippin’ in costume?

Where: JaM Cellars Wine and Music Studio, downtown Napa
When: Saturday, October 30th, 8:00-11:00pm
RSVP: Reserve your tickets here! $10

Think you’ve got the best JaM costume? Maybe the Daphne from Bridgerton look? How about Olivia Rodrigo in “good 4 u”? We’ll be the judge of that! There will be awards for the best costumes, so bring your A-game and you may bring home a prize…(bonus points if you match your karaoke song to your costume!)

Who said dressing up is just for kids? Not us! Show us what you’ve got! #JaMCellars

Can’t get to Napa Valley? That’s okay! Join the JaMClub and receive wines right to your door.

This is no trick, only a treat!

Crack open your very own stash of Butter Chardonnay, JaM Cabernet, Toast Sparkling or Sugar Sweet White, or our exclusive Napa-only collection, and crank up the volume on the Hallo-Wine JaMs poured by JaM Cellars on Spotify. You can create your very own spooky Napa Valley vibe (in true JaM Cellars style) right from the comfort of your own living room. Just make sure your glasses are full with plenty of wine to “cheers” with.

Check out this post for more ideas on celebrating Hallo-Wine at home and find your closest bottle of JaM Cellars wines!

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JaM Cellars
October 4, 2021 | JaM Cellars

3 Butter Ways to Sip Into Fall!

Women with Pumpkins and JaM Cellars Butter Wine

It’s the beginning of fall, and we’re in full-on celebration mode. Light a candle, grab a bottle of Butter, queue up our Sweater Weather playlist on Spotify, and prepare to get those creative juices flowing as we explore a few fun ways to sip into fall together!

Dec(orate) the Halls

Did you know you can have your favorite wines delivered straight to your door? What a time to be alive!

One of the very first things we love to do as soon as October rolls around is order and open a bottle of Butter and get to decorating. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a very crafty person, decorating for fall is a very easy task. And you don’t have to break the bank to go all out, either! Making fall decorations yourself saves lots of $$$ and you can find plenty of inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram if you know where to look!

Here are some of our favorite fall decoration ideas to sip on:

●  DIY Fall Floral Garland by A Beautiful Mess

●  A Porch Full of Pumpkins by Studio McGee

●  Wooden Bead Pumpkins from Domestically Blissful

●  Neutral Halloween Decor by Actually Alli

●  Fall Decor with Wine Bottles

Netflix + Chill(ed Wine)

The idea of cuddling up on the couch with a big bowl of buttery popcorn and a bottle of creami-licious Butter Chardonnay (a match made in heaven, if you ask us) gets our little hearts all aflutter. 

Slip into your cozy slippers, fire up Netflix, pour yourself a Butter-ful glass of your fav chardonnay and check out some of our favorite fall movies to get you in the autumn mood:

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: This show follows a young half-witch + half-mortal as she battles evil forces–both from the devil himself and her highschool peers (scary, for sure!).

Virgin River: Heart-warming, and filmed in a stunning fall-like location, this series makes for a perfect autumn show.

Gilmore Girls: Yes, we know you’ve probably already seen this one (probably 100+ times!) but when fall rolls around, we can’t help but add this warm, feel-good show to our queue.

Notting Hill: Another classic, Julia Roberts delivers the most delicious fall vibes. Need we say more?

October Sky: A true story of a coal miner's son who takes up rocketry, as a way to escape his small town. Cozy and thought-provoking.

Santa Clarita Diet: Quirky and absurd (in a good way), Drew Barrymore absolutely slays the role of an accidental vampire living in the suburbs of Santa Clarita. Think: Horror series, but make it *cute.*

JaM Cellars Wines & Tailgating Food; Our Number One Draft Pick

Standing in back of pickup truck with JaM Cellars Butter

Football season has begun, and we’re kicking it off the best way we know how: with JaM Cellars all-star wines and plenty of tailgating snacks. We’re huge fans of this sport (or rather, the sips and food that comes along with it).

There's so much to love about this popular Sunday activity (even if you’re not a football enthusiast yourself) so here’s a run-down on the best tailgating food to pair with your favorite JaM Cellars pours. Get ready to score a touch-down with your friends and family.

Loaded Nacho Packets & ButterCans

An easy grab-n-go snack like these loaded nacho packs deserves an equally convenient and delicious drink–might we suggest ButterCans? No muss, no fuss, but packs a creamy fruity punch—think baked lemon meringue but yummier! Perf with cheesy, spicy, salty goodness!

Fried Chicken & Toast Sparkling

Trust us, when it comes to fried chicken and sparkling wine, this celeb-level partnership will blow your mind. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never go back to serving your fried chicken with coke, lemonade, or sweet tea ever again. Fizzy bubbles cut through crispy, salty, fried chicken, making each bite more-ish than the next…err YUM! Try it and dare to tell us you don’t love it! We’re listening #JaMCellars

Pizza & JaM Cabernet Sauvignon

Whether you’re a homemade-pizza-aficionado or a pizza-delivery-lover, you can't go wrong with this easy tailgate staple on game day. Unless you’re eating pizza without drinking a JaM good cabernet, that is. Le gasp!

Pizza goes great with a juicy red wine like JaM Cab because rich, ripe flavors of red and blackberries give the marinara more bite and make the cheese topping taste even creamier. It’s hard to go wrong any toppings you want to add, so feel free to get creative!

We take BYOB (Bring Your Own Butter Chardonnay) very seriously around here. You can find ButterCans in 4-packs at your favorite grocery store, or have them shipped directly to you from the JaMStore so you can spend more time putting together your tailgate outfit than shopping for treats.

Chardonn-HEYYY to Fall!

It’s finally fall, y’all. In our opinion, there’s no better weather than sweater weather. The only way to make this season even more spice-tacular is by breaking open a bottle (or two!) of Butter, to celebrate.

Sip into the new season with us!

Our delicious wines are easy to find at your local retailer or you can have them delivered right to your door in under 60 minutes. No, we’re not kidding!

Sign up for our newsletter and be sure to follow us on FB, Twitter and Insta for all things fall, fun and WINE 🍷.

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JaM Cellars
October 4, 2021 | JaM Cellars

Pour some fun this Hallo-Wine: Tricks and Treats

Pouring JaM Cellars Butter from Pumpkin

On a scale of one to one hundred, how excited are you to get back into hosting parties?! Specifically, Hallo-Wine parties?

We just took a DNA test, turns out we’re 100% that witch.

Even though Halloween is mostly about making sure the kids have the. best. time. ever. that doesn't mean we adults can't pour a fresh glass of #ButterChardonnay and join in on the ghoulish fun with our gal pals. Not even close. You might even argue that Hallo-Wine is one of the best holidays for adults. (That’s why we make ButterCans easy for on-the-go trick or treating, right?!)


Whether you're planning to spend this haunting day with your ghoul-friends and witches, or you’re curling up on the couch with a spooky flick and big glass of Butter Chardonnay, we hope you get a kick out of these fun ways to celebrate Halloween, with a hefty pour of a JaM Cellars treats, of course.

Carve Pumpkins (or Whatever Else You Have Lying Around)

First of all: can you think of anything more Hallo-Wine-y than carving pumpkins with our Hallo-Wine JaMs playlist pouring out of the speakers, and chilled Butter Chardonnay dripping out of the cauldron? We didn’t think so.

Also, did you know that pumpkins aren’t the only thing you can carve?

While pumpkins are certainly the most popular option for carving, there are tons of other fruits and veggies that are just begging for a cute little face this Halloween. For example, have you ever made a spooky face in a pineapple? What about a witch in a watermelon? A carving in a cantaloupe? Okay, we’ll stop.

Time to pumpkin-spice things up. And if you mess up, don’t worry! It's easy to repair a broken jack o'lantern– just use a pumpkin patch! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist…) You can also pull out the acrylic paints and keep it simple, or slap on a few Halloween stickers and call it a day. No judgment here…that just means there’s more time for another glass of Butter

Here are some of our favorite ideas:

●      Cute Eyelash Pumpkin (with a free template!)

●      Constellation Jack-o'-Lantern

●      Pineapple and Melon Jack-o’-Lanterns

●      Pumpkin Succulent Garden

Bottle of JaM Cellars Butter on candy

Take Your HalloWine Pairings to the Next Level

Roasted Pumpkin Seed Hummus + Butter Chardonnay

Homemade hummus is way better than the store-bought stuff, and it’s frightfully easy to make. In less than 30 minutes, you’ll be ready to rock with a bright, orange Halloween hummus.

Bonus points if you display it next to a few ButterCans. The stone fruit and baked-lemon notes are the perfect companion to the nutty flavor of the hummus, and it ends with a rich vanilla finish–making this pairing stand out as a cult favorite.

Mummy Milano's + JaM Cab Cabernet Sauvignon

This easy recipe makes mummies out of Milanos in less time than you can say “trick-or-treat” with the simple addition of melted white chocolate. They’re cute, delicious, and crazy easy. Pair them with a bottle of our rich, bold, and easy-to-love JaM Cab, because… is there anything better than chocolate and the most delish red wine? We don’t think so.

Pro tip: Opt for the raspberry Milano’s; they pull out the lush blackberries, black plums, and black currant in the JaM Cabernet. A boo-tiful wine pairing if we’ve ever seen one.

Witch Finger Pretzels + Sugar Sweet White

When it comes to quick-and-simple Halloween treats, you can’t go wrong with making an already-delicious snack even more tempting. Now, hear us out: pretzels and Sugar Sweet White. 10 out of 10 would recommend!

This Halloween party trick is a total treat: the honeyed citrus blossom, lush peach and sweet Meyer lemonade notes of the Sugar Sweet White are just screaming for a little salty action, and these witchy pretzels are a fang-tastic addition.

Halloween Snack Mix + Toast Sparkling

No cooking is needed with this sweet and salty Halloween treat. Simply toss the ingredients together and you’re good to go! It’ll take you longer to find the wine glasses than to make this snack mix. The only scary part is that it’s addicting, so... beware.

Hints of white peach, orange blossom, pineapple, and honeydew add a light toastiness to each bite of snack mix, making this Hallo-Wine treat frightfully good.

The best thing is, you can prepare for your party and stock up on all the wine you need, without ever having to leave your house. You can find us in the wine aisle, or have your favorite JaM Cellars wine delivered straight to your door (in under 60 minutes!) while you mix up your Halloween treats.

Bon appétit!

Cans of JaM Cellars Butter on iceWatch Some of the Best Halloween Movies Ever Made

Are you hosting a huge Hallo-Wine bash this year? Or, maybe you’re planning on sinking into the couch with a bottle of Butter and a big bowl of popcorn? No Hallo-Wine party (solo or otherwise) is complete without a showing of the best Halloween movies ever made.

Here are some of our favorite Halloween movies:

Practical Magic (1998)
Scream (1996)
Hocus Pocus (1993)
Beetlejuice (1988)
The Addams Family (1991)
Corpse Bride (2005)
Suspiria (2018)
Edward Scissorhands (1990)
Matilda (1996)
Psycho (1960)
It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (1966)
Caspar (1995)
Halloween (1978)
Hubie Halloween (2020)
A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
Twitches (2007)
Halloweentown (1998)
The Haunting (1963)
The Witches (1990 or 2020!)
Young Frankenstein (1974)
Sleepy Hollow (1999)
Dracula (1931)
Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)
Candyman (1992)
The Bride of Frankenstein (1935)
The Witch (2015)
Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy (1954)
Trick ‘r Treat (2007)
Night of the Living Dead (1968)
Sleepy Hollow (1999)
House on Haunted Hill (1999)
The Little Vampire (2000)

Can of JaM Cellars Butter with skeletonAs far as we’re concerned, there are only three rules for Hallo-Wine:

1) Be in costume

2) Eat candy

3) Treat yourself to JaM Cellars wines—there’s a wine for every-ghoul, find yours.

Other than that, your only responsibilities are to have fun and (as always) drink responsibly. Anything goes–we’re just here for the (JaM Cellars) boos.

After the tricky year that we’ve all had, it’s time for some treats. Adult treats, that you can have delivered straight to your door, in under 60 minutes! The scariest parties are the ones without Butter, so make sure to stock up ahead of time.

Find us in your closest wine aisle or delivered straight to your door! You don’t even have to dress up and go door-to-door. Being an adult is fun, right?? Happy Hallo-Wine, from our JaMily to yours!

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JaM Cellars
October 4, 2021 | JaM Cellars

10 Ways to JaM with Us–Near or Far

The Scoop at JaM Cellars

If you couldn't tell, we’re pretty big fans of music around here. And honestly, with a name like “JaM Cellars” how could we not?!

When our founders, John and Michele (the ”J” and the “M” in JaM) launched JaM Cellars, their main goal was to make delicious, accessible wines that everyone could sip back and enjoy.  You know how sharing a great bottle of wine brings people together? Well, we think great music does that, too!

To keep the JaMs (and wine) flowing at all times, here are all the ways we have for you (Our JaMFans!) to JaM with wine, music, and us–from curated Spotify playlists to in-person music events!

1. "Summer Festival JaMs” playlist on iHeartRadio

Keep sippin' on the best summer JaMs, all year long! Our perfect pour of all your favorite festival artists from BottleRock Napa Valley to Ohana Fest, and more. Keep those summer vibes rolling and tune into our "Summer Festival JaMs" playlist, poured by JaM Cellars on iHeart radio! This sweet summertime playlist is perfect to sip on for any occasion.

Just sip n’ click play!

2. JaMHappyHour

JaMHappyHour is our LIVE wine and music show, hosted every #WineWednesday and Thursday @ 4:00pm PT on our JaM Cellars Facebook and YouTube.

Over the past year (and counting!) we’ve been lucky to virtually host a wide variety of talented musicians from all across the country, including The California Honeydrops, Mondo Cozmo, The Ghost of Paul Revere, Matt Costa, Luke Mitrani, Will Anderson of Parachute, and SO many more!

This virtual happy hour is a great way to enjoy live music, great wine, and fun times from WHEREVER you’re sipping. Pour yourself a glass of Butter and join us!

3. JaMHappyHour, Benefiting Sweet Relief

Here at JaM Cellars, we truly believe in the healing power of music, so we want to help make a difference in the lives of artists who have made a difference in ours.

On the last Friday of each month, we host a super special LIVE #JaMHappyHour on Facebook and YouTube dedicated to our fabulous non-profit partner, Sweet Relief. The Sweet Relief fund helps support musicians and industry workers who have been negatively impacted by COVID-19. As a result of this collaboration, JaM Cellars and Sweet Relief are able to help hundreds of struggling artists!

We usually bring the best and brightest musicians for our #JaMHappyHour, but on Final Friday’s we pull out all the stops. You’ll be treated to shows from the likes of Lisa Loeb, G.Love, and Mondo Cozmo–you’re not going to want to miss these shows! 

In addition, for every like, share or comment that’s made virtually during a live performance, JaM Cellars will donate $1–up to $2,500 per show, committing to a minimum of $25k this year. Interested in learning more? Check out our full FB Live schedule here!

4. JaMHappyHour Podcast

Sippin’ on a podcast totally your JaM!? You’re our peeps! Our JaMHappyHour podcast–highlighting the best of our #JaMHappyHour live shows–just might become your new favorite.  

This podcast takes you behind the scenes of our live #JaMHappyHour shows; we talk shop, hear some incredible stories, and play JaMs with the various musicians we’re hosting. It’s seriously a great time!

Whether you’re hammering out that home To-Do list (glass of JaM Cellars wine in hand) or you’re braving that work commute, you’ll definitely want to keep our JaMHappyHour podcast in your rotation.

New episodes drop every #WineWednesday, so grab a glass, sip back, and enjoy! Find them on Apple, iHeart and anywhere you get your fav podcasts. 

5. JaM Cellars Spotify Channel

Keep the sweet beats going no matter where life takes you. If you love great music as much as we do, you’re not going to want to miss our lists of highly-curated Spotify playlists!

From our fun Summer JaMs playlist to our cozy Sweater Weather JaMs, plus inspirational playlists from your fav JaMHappyHour artists, there’s something here for every wine-derful occasion!

Think Imagine Dragons, Neil Young, Foo Fighters, Mumford & Sons, Guns N Roses and TONS more! 6. BottleRock Music Festival

Featuring three full days of fun in the sun, the best live JaMs, food and wine in the states, BottleRock takes place every year in the heart of beautiful Napa Valley, CA.

Yours truly, JaM Cellars, has been THE presenting sponsor of this uber-popular music fest for over 5 years now! We’ve had an insane roster of musicians join us on the JaM Cellars main stage. Think Imagine Dragons, Neil Young, Foo Fighters, Mumford & Sons, Guns N Roses and TONS more! But that’s not all we bring...

For stripped-down sound, and the biggest disco ball you ever did see, join us on the JaM Cellars #JaMPad stage for up-close and personal JaMSessions with all your fav festival artists! There’s no party like a JaMPad party… ESPECIALLY when that party gets crashed by a surprise Dave Grohl performance (true story).

If you aren’t able to join us in person during BottleRock, like always, we’ve got your Butter-loving back! Tune-in across the world to watch all of our #JaMPad JaMSessions LIVE on Facebook and YouTube–bonus points if you open a bottle of Butter, JaM Cab or Toast Sparkling  (add links) and dance along like no-one’s watching. Or if you’ve got the moves, tag us #JaMCellars!

And, not to brag...but, did we mention that USA Today named BottleRock one of the "10 Best" music festivals in North America? Pretty sweet, if we do say so ourselves. The best part about being Presenting Sponsor? We have passes to give away to YOU, our JaMFans. Sign up for The SCOOP and follow us on FB and the ‘Gram to win(e) and JaM with us at BottleRock Napa Valley, 2022!

OHANA Music Festival

7. OHANA Music Festival

Founded and curated by Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder, OHANA Music Festival takes place at Doheny State Beach, in gorgeous Dana Point, CA. As the OFFICIAL wine sponsor for this infamous music festival, JaM Cellars knows how to bring the liquid gold and good times to the SoCal beaches!

Fill your glass with JaM Cellars wines–the official beverage of OHANA–and soak in the musical waves of headliners like Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder and Brandi Carlile from Butter-yellow hammocks among the palms, or sit your sippin’ selfie in our GIANT Butter deckchairs for the perf insta-ready snap!

And YES, we’re bringing to up close and personal to the music with #JaMSessions in The Grove! Even if you can’t make it, that’s okay! You can tune in on Facebook and YouTube to watch the festivities from the comfort of your own couch (JaM Cellars wine glass in hand, of course!).

8. JaM Cellars YouTube Channel

Sip back and press play on all things JaM Cellars music and movie!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel, and keep up-to-date on the latest LIVE JaMHappyHour shows, crazy-fun festival reels from BottleRock, OHANA and MORE. These are the delish tidbits that you’ll find yourself repouring over and over.

Sip with JaM Cellars in Napa Valley, CA

9. The JaM Cellars Wine and Music Studio

The JaM Cellars wine and music studio in downtown Napa offers an eclectic, fun, music-filled vibe, complete with a McIntosh sound system, Rolling Stones cover-art walls, booths with hidden lyrics, musician portraits, and...a disco ball (So “us”)! Chill out with your friends and family over a glass, flight, or bottle of our easy-to-love JaM Cellars wines (plus exclusive JaM Cellars Napa Valley wines that are ONLY available from our wine and music studio)!

With several live-music JaMSessions weekly, movie and music tribute nights, and a complimentary "toast with Toast" at 5:15pm—every day is a great day to JaM with us!

Again, not to brag...but, The New York Times said that our JaM Cellars Studio is one of their favorite places to visit in Napa! Check us out!

While we can usually accommodate walk-ins, we do fill up fast so when you come to sip with us, save your seat ahead of time. Open late til 10pm Sun thru Weds and til Midnight Thurs thru Sat, our JaMbassadors Coco, Irie, Sam, Sarah and Michael can't wait to host you here at JaM Cellars wine and music studio in downtown Napa!

1460 First Street
Napa California 94559
Contact us

JaM Cellars Ballroom10. JaM Cellars Ballroom

We are proud to lend our name to the historic JaM Cellars Ballroom located on the second floor of the Margrit Mondavi Theatre in the Napa Valley Opera House, right in the heart of downtown Napa.

National touring artists love this boutique music venue, one of the best north of the city of San Francisco. Past shows have hosted The Struts, Chevy Metal, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Jimmy Eat World, and more!

Check listings here.

1030 Main Street
Napa, California 94559

We’re as excited about music and our JaMFans as we are about our easy-to-love, super delish wines! Don’t miss the JaMs... Get The Scoop and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter so you never miss a beat! 


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