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JaM Cellars
July 7, 2022 | JaM Cellars

The Ultimate Wine Party Tricks and Tips for Summer!

Hey party babes, summer is for sipping! So, you’ve got your besties on the way, the Butter chilled, and the hot JaMs prepped…you’re already killin’ it. Time to take your summer bash to the NEXT level with a bit of party flair–the JaM Cellars way, of course.

Here are a few fun (and surprising) party tips and tricks to pull out next time you’re hosting the best wine party in town!

"Anything-But-A-Cooler" Cooler

Sure, a cooler might keep your delish Butter bevvies cold a little longer, but if you’re trying to impress your guests with a few party moves, an everything-but-the-cooler cooler will do the trick. Plus, the sips won’t last long in that cooler, anyway, when it’s Butter you have on ice! 

Some of our favorite non-cooler cooler ideas are: 

  • An inflatable baby pool, filled with ice, bottles of Butter Bubbles, Butter Chardonnay and a few cases of refreshing ButterCans floating around. 

  • A hollowed-out watermelon, filled to the brim with ice and our easy-to-love ButterCans.

  • A cleaned-out pumpkin; it perfectly holds a bottle of #Butter, and ButterCans. Make sure to keep plenty nearby and restock when you start running low.  

Chill Wine Bottles *Quickly*

It’s happened to the best of us; you ran out of chilled Butter wine and now you’re trying to cool your reserves. But you can easily turn this tragedy into a party trick and have your guests sipping cold wine in no time! Here are a few ways to chill JaM Cellars wine quickly:

  • Make an ice bucket for your bottle, but with one extra special ingredient: salt! Salt helps bring down the freezing temperature of water, which will chill your #Butter faster.

  • Frozen grapes are not only a tasty treat, they're also a great way to chill wine quickly, without watering it down. Pop a couple in your glass and get back to partyin! 

  • Wrap a damp paper towel around the bottle of wine, and sit it in the freezer. The damp towel will freeze quickly, and thanks to the frozen towel, the wine will chill in half the time it usually would! Less time preppin, more time sippin. 

Saber Your Butter Bubbles

Sabering is a totally extra way of opening a bottle of bubbly, and who doesn’t want to look like a boss in front of their party guests?? Add a lil #SundayFunday flair next time you’re bustin’ out the brunch bubbles.

Here’s how to fancily pop the bubbly Butter Bubbles at your next party:

For all the deets, check out Food52 video here

1. First, grab your saber of choice. If you don’t have a real saber (lol), a hearty kitchen knife or metal butter knife will do the (party) trick.

2. Put your bubbly in the freezer for about 10 mins. You want the bottle to be very cold. 

3. Get al fresco with it. Butter be safe and head outside in the backyard for this one!

4. Remove the cage from the bottle and locate the seam that runs up the side of the bottle. 

5. (With the bottle pointing away from you and everyone else in your crew–pups too!) In one long motion, run the back edge of your sturdy kitchen knife firmly and quickly up the seam of the bottle, and through the lip.

6. TIP: hold your “saber” at a slight angle rather than perpendicular.

YASSS! Now you’ve officially gotten your party off with the ultimate bang. OF COURSE, safety first, please try this party trick responsibly. 

Wine Ice Cubes

Literally the last thing you want on a hot summer day is a warm beverage. Cool down your party guests with a fun party trick: JaM Cellars wine ice cubes! These fun and simple wine ice cubes will add life to your drink and cool you down when the party starts getting HAWT. 

Here are some fun wine ice cube ideas for your next party:

Turn Up the Party JaMs

And for our next trick…drum roll please… the music! From our #SundayFunday playlist to the Classic Christmas JaMs playlist on Spotify, we have all your different party vibe needs covered! 

Make sure to follow us on Spotify so you never miss a new playlist, and stay up-to-date on IG, FB & Twitter

Never run out of JaM Cellars wine again with our fast and convenient wine delivery partners! Get stocked up today!


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JaM Cellars
July 7, 2022 | JaM Cellars

#ButterDays of Summer: 5 Ways to Chill Down with JaM Cellars Wine

Summer is FINALLY here, and things are heating up! To help you babes chill down and enjoy every, single, icy-cold sip, we’ve rounded up 5 ways to chill with JaM Cellars. So, forget the dog days, grab some ice, and sip into the #ButterDays. 

Thankfully, your faves pair perfectly with whatever fun-in-the-sun plans you have on your itinerary–whether you're headed to the beach or partaking in a boozy brunch with your besties.

Plan a Beach Day 

Summer beach days are the best days. The warm sun, the salty air, the chilled wines…what’s not to love? 

But, don't feel like you're obligated to stick with the tradition of warm beer on the beach just because that’s what you’ll usually find in the sandy cooler. Next time you’re planning a beach day, be the star of the show and surprise your beach babes with a few cases of delicious, ice-cold ButterCans! With all the wine you can carry and all the JaM’s you’ll need via the “Summer Festival JaM’s” playlist on iHeartRadio, you’re going to be one heck of a chiller this summer. 

Don’t have access to the beach? That’s okay…a girl can dream! Lay out your favorite beach towel, throw a few cases of ButterCans on ice, turn up your speakers and you’re ready to go–without even leaving your house! Bonus points if the sun is out! 

Chill Out Poolside

Did you know that you can also plan a wine-by-the-pool day even if you don’t have a pool of your own? With apps like Swimply and Airbnb, finding a pool to sip beside for the day is almost as easy as opening a bottle of Butter! 

Or, if you’re in the mood to stay local, you could call up one of your neighbors/friends to see if they’ll let you use their pool in exchange for a case of cold ButterCans. Pro tip: Make sure to bring plenty for yourself! Butter makes for the ultimate creami-licious poolside sip, so make sure to stock up on your fave JaM Cellars wine before you sink into your floatie for the day.  

Brunch with the Besties

Another way to keep your chill game strong throughout the summer? Find a shady patio to post up and get brunching with your besties! No matter the season, brunch is an important constant in our lives (just like your ever faithful, always there for you, Butter wines). But thanks to sweet summertime, we have a few extra reasons to sip back and enjoy a lil’ boozy brunch with the gal pals more often. 

Whether you're picnicking at a local park or taking advantage of your friend's rooftop patio, as long as you've got a healthy supply of bagels and a few bottles of Butter Bubbles (obvi), the world is your (brunch) oyster!

Check out these can’t-miss brunch and JaM Cellars wine pairings for your next gal pal get-together this summer. 

Host a S’mores Night

Think back to the last time you had a homemade s’more. The crispy-sweet crunch of the graham cracker. The salty crumbs mingled with the sticky marshmallow...mmm mmm mmmmmmm. Really, the only thing that could make that experience better would be washing down your warm, gooey creation with a tall glass of lucious, berry-licious JaM Cab!

This summer, gather the girls and host a s’mores night like you’ve never had before. Say goodbye to the s’mores of your childhood, and take it a step further! From peanut butter cups to grilled bananas, there’s a delicious s’mores recipe for everyone. Here are some of the s’mores and JaM Cellars wine pairings were obsessing over:

Reese’s Peanut Butter S’mores + JaM Cab

Pretzel S’mores Bites + Butter Bubbles 

Oatmeal chocolate chip and graham cracker cookie s’mores + ButterCans

Bourbon Bacon S'mores + Butter Cab 

Grilled Banana S’mores + Butter Bubbles 

Party on the Front Porch

Remember the Good Ol’ Days? The warm summer nights where all your closest neighbors somehow ended up on your porch, and everyone was laughing, drinking and hanging out? Recreate some of your favorite childhood memories by inviting your friends and neighbors over for a summer night porch hang/Butter bash. 

Turn your porch into the ultimate place-to-be by hanging up some fun outdoor lights, setting up a large cooler for your fave lineup of JaM Cellars wines, and cranking up the tunes. Our “Summer Festival JaM’s” playlist on iHeartRadio is just the thing you’ll be looking for as the sun goes down and the party turns up. 

Want all this summertime goodness and more delivered straight to your inbox? (No spam, we promise!) Sign up to Get the Scoop! or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter @JaMCellars #JaMCellars.

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JaM Cellars
July 7, 2022 | JaM Cellars

Top 10 JaM Happy Hour Shows!

You know what’s better…err I mean Butter than a #SundayFunday? A rocking #WineWednesday, of course!

And that’s exactly what we do with our virtual  #JaMHappyHour shows LIVE on JaM Cellars Facebook and YouTube- hosted three times a month on #WineWednesday or #ThirstyThursday at 4:00pm PST. Plus a super special Sweet Relief benefit show the final Friday of the month! 

Whether you’re looking to sip back and relax with chill tunes, or a fun conversation about music and wine, we’ve put together a countdown of our TOP 10 #JaMHappyHour artists so you can #WineDown JaM Cellars style. Grab a bubbly glass of #Butter and fire up the bluetooth–these artists are definitely going to put the HAPPY in your HOUR:

#1 Emily Kinney 

And…coming in at number ONE–we have the triple threat of actress, singer, AND songwriter Emily Kinney! It’s pretty clear that this talented gal puts a lot of her own personal life into the songs that she writes, and we’re here for it!

During Emily’s #JaMHappyHour benefiting Sweet Relief, we broke out a bottle of creamy Butter Bubbles to match her delicate voice and bubbly personality. So tonight, chill out with your own glass of bubbles to celebrate #WineWednesday the JaM Cellars way. 

Find Emily’s Sweet Relief episode on YouTube, and her #JaMHappyHour the Podcast episode on Apple Podcasts and Spotify

#2 Ben Thornewill  

Another fan fave here at JaM Cellars is the wine-derful, extremely talented Ben Thornewill. His goal is to combine his love for classical music with pop music, which delights listeners of all ages and musical tastes. During Ben’s #JaMHappyHour benefitting Sweet Relief, we were able to chat with him about his latest tours, newest album, and his recent release of ABBA covers (can you say Mama Mia??)!  

Find Ben Thornewill’s Sweet Relief episode on YouTube, as well as his podcast episode on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Don’t forget the Butter Cab (as seen in Ben’s glass while he plays!). Snag yours here

#3 Lisa Loeb

To know Lisa Loeb is to love her! Making the TOP 3 of course! During her Sweet Relief #JaMHappyHour, we got to chat with Lisa about everything from her iconic 90's debut to the charity that she started, Camp Lisa–a charity that helps provide summer camp scholarships to kids who would otherwise not be able to afford the experience.  

We grabbed all the creami-licious #ButterChardonnay we could find for this episode, so #WineDown with us the right way with your own bottle and Lisa crooning through your speakers. You can find Lisa’s Sweet Relief episode on YouTube here as well as her podcast episode on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

#4 Mondo Cozmo 

Mondo Cozmo is such an easy-going guy to host, and such an incredibly talented writer, musician and rockstar performer, but this Sweet Relief show was extra special because it was our first show that started our partnership with the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. Cheers to supporting artists!

For tonight’s happy hour, bust out the Butter Bubbles and watch Mondo’s Sweet Relief #JaMHappyHour on YouTube or stream his podcast episode on Spotify and Apple Podcasts!  

#5 Chaz Cardigan

And down to the TOP5 For this #WineDownWednesday, we’re throwing it back to last summer, when alternative singer-songwriter Chaz Cardigan brought a sweet set of acoustic tunes to the virtual JaM Cellars stage. During his episode, we chatted with him about his upcoming music & projects, how his childhood nickname led to his professional title, and about his new web series, Wild World.

Grab your bottle of  #ToastSparkling and check out Chaz’s full episode on YouTube and stream his JaMHappyHour the Podcast episode on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.  

#6 Robert DeLong 

This happy hour, pour yourself an ice cold glass of delicious Butter Chardonnay and JaM along with the oh-so talented Robert DeLong–a Los Angeles-based one-man band whose unique singer/songwriter style helped us JaM all the way into New Year’s weekend! 

Check out Robert DeLong’s Sweet Relief episode over on YouTube or find his podcast episode on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

#7 Kylie Morgan 

At JaM Cellars, it’s always happy hour. But when country music star, Kylie Morgan, is around we’re all just a little bit happier! This #WineDownWednesday, grab that bottle of Butter Cab and celebrate making it halfway through the week. Kylie is one of our faves with her sweet songs and even sweeter attitude! We hope she’ll be one of your #WineDownWednesday babes, too!

Watch Kylie’s show on YouTube and stream her #JaMHappyHour the Podcast episode on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.  

#8 Lee DeWyze 

In between playing tunes live from his studio in LA, Lee DeWyze sipped on his fave JaM Cab and chatted with our host, Sam about the beginning of his music career, and the ups and downs of the musician life.  

Catch Lee’s episode on YouTube and stream his #JaMHappyHour the Podcast episode on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.   

#9 Matt Costa 

Up next for your #WineWednesday watch, we have the talented Matt Costa, American singer-songwriter from Huntington Beach, California. Grab your favorite bottle of rich and creami-licious Butter Chardonnay and get ready for a very special #JaMHappyHour benefiting the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. Keep your ears open for his magically melodic mash-up of fan favorite songs and surprise covers! Watch Matt’s full #JaMHappyHour episode on YouTube

#10 Cassadee Pope

Soaring in at the top of our countdown (out of XXXX shows) we have singer songwriter Cassadee Pope, the first female winner from the third season of The Voice! She’s clearly found her voice, and now she’s not afraid to use it. 

Pour a glass of JaM Cab and sip back this #WineDownWednesday with Cassadee’s Sweet Relief episode. Watch it right now on YouTube!

Don’t forget. You can sip MORE of our #JaMHappyHour shows, LIVE  on JaM Cellars Facebook and YouTube at 4:00pm Pacific three times a month on #WineWednesday or #ThirstyThursday. PLUS a special Sweet Relief benefit show every final Friday of the month! 

Don’t tune in empty handed. Chill out with our NEW Butter Cab and Butter Bubbles, or find your favorite JaM Cellars wines by visiting us online at and on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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JaM Cellars
July 7, 2022 | JaM Cellars

JaM Up Your July with a Visit to Our Wine & Music Studio

It’s sweet, sweet summertime here in sunny Napa Valley, which means it’s time to get your sip on! From fun food pairings to late-night JaMSessions, there’s a little something for everyone. Here’s a sneaky peek of what to expect on your next visit to JaM Cellars wine & music studio:

July JaMSessions

Join us for our live JaMSessions to keep the party going long after dinner. Here are some of the upcoming headlines:

  • Saturday, July 16th from 9-11pm, Saint Solitude, an all-American rock band, will be partying all night long with us.

  • Thursday, July 21st from 8-10pm as Michele Lambert, pop singer/songwriter, will be taking the stage. Michelle has toured from coast to coast, making waves all over the country–especially since her 2021 single “Come to Me” reached #1 on Indie Radio! 

  • Saturday, July 30th, from 9-11pm Simon Melrose will be playing. Come sip on guitar riffs steeped in the blues, and “songs inspired by the troubadours of the 70’s.”

  • View the full July JaMSessions lineup here and make a reservation to make sure you don’t miss any JaMs…

Can’t make it to Napa for our in-person JaMSessions? Get a sip of JaMSessions wherever you are with virtual JaMHappyHours on FB LIVE Live and the JaMHappyHour podcast! Just make sure your glasses are full with plenty of wine to JaM along with.  

Yummy JaMBites

Everyone knows that we have delicious, easy-to-love sips in our wine & music studio… but did you know that we also have an incredible lineup of tasty bites, too?? 

From our decadent cheese board (goat gouda, Holey Cow Cheese, mixed nuts, and seasonal jam…and more) to the oh-so more-ish Brownie Points (chocolate brownies with vanilla whipped creme and caramel sauce), we’ve got a little something for everyone. We even have JaMJello Shots! Be sure to ask your JaMbassador for the current flave.

Or maybe you’ve worked up an appetite for a delicious small plate nosh? We offer select light bites from our gourmet Mediterranean neighbor, Tarla, that are perfect to enjoy in one of our indoor booths . . . or claim your spot at one of our sunny outdoor tables! 

Wine You Can’t Get Anywhere Else!

Obviously, we can’t get enough of our loveable lineup–including Butter Chardonnay, ButterCans, Butter Cab, Butter Bubbles, JaM Cabernet, Toast Sparkling, and Sugar Sweet White–but what about the exclusive wines that we offer ONLY when you visit the downtown Napa JaM Cellars wine & music studio? 

Sip on limited-release wines like the JaM Cellars North Coast Brut Sparkling, NEW 2021 JaM Cellars Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc and the 2018 JaM Cellars Napa Valley Pinot Noir. Pro tip: You can’t find these at your local grocery, so stock up while you’re here. Or Join the JaMClub and wines that rock will show up on your doorstep just like magic!

And, as if that’s not tempting enough, at 5:15pm every day, there's a complimentary toast with Toast for everyone hanging out with us in the music & wine studio!

Can’t make it to JaM with us in person? Join the JaMClub and never miss a beat or a new release! Twist open your own stash of Butter Chardonnay, JaM Cabernet, Toast Sparkling or Sugar Sweet White and turn up the tunes with our Summer Festival JaMs poured by JaM Cellars on iHeart Radio. You can curate your very own Napa Valley experience from the comfort of your own living room. 

See you soon, JaM babes!

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JaM Cellars
June 6, 2022 | JaM Cellars

3 Reasons to Visit JaM Cellars this Summer

There is always a delicious reason to visit our vibrant wine & music studio in downtown Napa. But, when the summer sun starts to peep her sweet head out, there are a few MORE reasons why you should sip on in. WHY? Well, we’ll tell ya… 

Here are 3 reasons to visit JaM Cellars this Summer:

Reason #1: Our Patio is Butter, Ya’ll  

Sip, share, and savor your fav JaM Cellars lineup, street side, on our sunny, south-facing patio. 

Soak up the summer rays, sip on your fave JaM Cellars wines, and relax on one of NYT's favorite patios. Check out our Facebook calendar for the full list of our upcoming events that  you just don’t want to miss. 

All summer long, we’ll be pouring our easy-to-love classics–Butter Chardonnay, JaM Cabernet, Butter Cab, Toast Sparkling, Butter Bubbles and Sugar Sweet White–as well as the faves that you can only sip on in-house; JaM Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc, Dry Rosé, and North Coast Sparkling, which are exclusively sold here in our wine & music studio in Napa. 

Reason #2: Our Later Hours are Party Rockin’

The wineries here in Napa Valley typically close around 4pm. But lucky for you, we keep the party rockin’ a little bit later; Sunday-Thursday we are open until 10p and Friday & Saturday until 12am! 

Keep the party going long after the lights go out. The perfect place to soak up the warm Cali nights is the JaM Cellars wine & music studio downtown Napa. Grab your besties and a rezzy HERE so that our JaMbassadors can be ready to welcome you with a delicious glass of Butter. 

Reason #3: Our Live Music Will Rock Your Socks

Get it here, besties; the best live music this side of California (well we think so!) Join us for live JaMs every Thursday night from 8-10pm and Friday-Saturday from 9-11pm. Check out upcoming listings on our Facebook event page.

Next up this month, we have sets from exciting artists like:

Add a few descriptors of their sounds?

• RadioKeys (July 9th, 9-11pm)

• Saint Solitude (July 16th, 9-11pm)

• Awesome Hot Cakes (July 22nd, 9-11pm)

And don’t forget about our virtual LIVE JaMHappyHours on JaM Cellars' Facebook and YouTube. Every #WineWednesday and Thursday at 4pm PST. Enjoy a whole hour of delicious live music, bubbly banter with the featured artists and (of course) deeeelicious Butter Chardonnay, JaM Cabernet, Butter Cab, Toast Sparkling, Butter Bubbles and Sugar Sweet White. 

Check out our Facebook calendar for our current live music and events! 

If you can’t make it to Napa yet, join the JaMClub and your fave wine will appear on  your doorstep like clockwork! Twist open your very own stash of Butter Chardonnay, JaM Cabernet, Toast Sparkling or Sugar Sweet White and turn up the tunes with our Summer Festival JaMs poured by JaM Cellars on iHeart Radio. You can curate your very own Napa Valley experience in true JaM Cellars style from the comfort of your own living room!

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JaM Cellars
June 6, 2022 | JaM Cellars

3 Ways to JaM This 4th of July

Yeahhhhh, it's a party in the USA! It’s sweet, sweet summertime here at JaM Cellars and we have delicious wine and fizzy fireworks on the brain. Here are a few ways that we’ll be JaMming out this Fourth of July, with all of our red, wine and blue finery!

Sip on Red, Wine and Blue

Heading to the fireworks? Hosting a BBQ? Chilling on your couch? However you plan to commemorate Independence Day, you’ll want to do so with a celebratory red, wine and blue beverage. Below, we’re spilling some drink ideas to spark your imagination:


Both of our easy-to-love red wines (JaM Cabernet and Butter Cab) will be sure to please, so don’t forget to stock up

SugarBerri Wine-tail Recipe- Bright, delish, and super-simple, add this SugarBerri wine cocktail to your menu if you’re looking to treat your guests to a firecracker of a drink, but you’re short on time. Featuring our easy-to-love Sugar Sweet White, cranberry juice and topped off with bright red Campari

Raspbubbly Toast-ini- This festive recipe features our delicious bubbly wine, Toast Sparkling–a celebration in your glass, any day of the year.


Well, this one is easy ;) Do we NEED to say Butter Chardonn-YAY all day?! We’ve got a full lineup of summer sippers including Sugar Sweet White, Toast Sparkling, and Butter Bubbles. Easy-to-love wines–something for every palate. Order your Fourth of July stash today, and get it delivered straight to your door in under 60 minutes or less!


If you don’t have Blue Curacao on hand, you can still deck your drinks out in blue! Consider adding a festive rim to your glasses of Butter Bubbles using blue sprinkles (here’s a helpful YouTube tutorial).

OR, you could simply add a blue rock candy stick to your glass of Sugar Sweet White and call it a day. It’s festive AND easy, so you can spend more time sippin and less time preppin… win/win!

Set the Tone with the Perfect Playlist

No celebration is complete without the right kind of JaMs, and the Fourth of July is no exception. 

Once you’ve laid out your blanket and cracked open your ice-cold ButterCan, you’re just a click away from getting the alfresco fiesta officially started! Grab your bluetooth speaker and press play on our "Summer Festival JaMs poured by JaM Cellars'' playlist on iHeartRadio. 

Whether you curate a playlist of Fourth of July JaMs yourself, or turn to the pros for help (HINT: JaM Cellars’ endless curated Spotify playlists for any occasion), just be sure to let freedom ring when you hit “play.”

Happy 4th of July to all our JaM fans–but especially the “J” in our JaM…Happy Birthday, John!

John, you deserve all the cheers, fireworks and celebrations in the world! May your birthday celebrations sparkle like a glass of Toast. Love from your JaMily xoxoxo

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JaM Cellars
June 6, 2022 | JaM Cellars

How To Sunday Funday the Butter Way

We’re rolling into sunny summer weather. And. We. Are. Here. For. It! This weekend we’ll be chillin’ the wine and heatin’ the grill, so we thought we’d share a few ways that our JaMily likes to celebrate summer #SundayFunday’s in style. 

Here are a few of our favorite ways to make your next #SundayFunday just a little bit…well,  Butter!

Our Favorite Ways to Sunday Funday:

Start with Sunday Brunch

Whether it’s breakfast-in-bed or brunch with your besties, no #SundayFunday is complete without an epic Sunday Brunch–even Butter if there’s a sparkling glass of #ButterBubbles next to the heaping pile of waffles. 

(Check out our list of JaM wines and brunch pairings for your #SundayFunday.) 

​​Level-up your spring picnics, Sunday Funday brunches and everything in between by bringing along the perfect JaM wines–from delicious Butter Chardonnay to easy-to-love Butter Bubbles, there will be something for all your besties at the brunch table.

Play in the Sprinkler 

Who said the backyard sprinkler was just for kids?? Certainly not us. Throw on your itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini, grab a bottle of delicious Butter Bubbles, crank the “Summer Festival JaM’s” poured by JaMCellars on iHeart radio and go play in the sprinkler like the good old days. 

Keep the Summer JaMs flowing for all your besties this #SundayFunday and have your summer sippers delivered straight to your door in 60 minutes or less, so you can spend more time sippin!

Host a Spa Day

Pick out your favorite buttery-yellow nail polish, pour yourself a glass of Butter Bubbles and spend a little time this #SundayFunday giving yourself the mani/pedi of your dreams. You can even invite a few gal pals over and give each other fun nail designs, and lather on the gooey face masks while sippin on your favorite JaM Cellars wines.  

The creamy, Peachy-Queen Sugar-tini is perfect for a little royal treatment with the besties, so make sure to order a few extra bottles of Sugar Sweet White on Instacart, Amazon Fresh and Drizly before your Sunday Funday spa day. 

We’d love to see your wine and face mask pics! Tag us @JaMCellars #JaMCellars so we can see how you #SundayFunday!

Wine & Yoga in the Park

Yoga class? Sorry, we thought you said “wine glass”...

Wine not nama-stay in the sun with your besties this Sunday Funday–weather permitting, of course. Grab your yoga mat and a delicious bottle of Butter as a reward after your final “ommm” and take some time this weekend to enjoy the finer things in life. 

Organize a Movie Marathon

Wine down the perfect Sunday Funday with a cozy movie-and-wine marathon, 

Let the gals take turns picking out their favorite movie, and scrounge up all the blankets and pillows you can find to make it uber-cozy. Spice up your movie marathon by adding a theme, like movies from the 80’s, scary movies, wine-themed movies, cheesy rom-coms, or movies that start with a “B” (for Butter, duh). 

Make sure to chill the #ButterCans ahead of time, and get creative with the popcorn selection. And yes: talking IS allowed in this theater.

#SundayFunday with JaM Cellars 

Hopefully this list gets you pumped up for your next Sunday Funday extravaganza. But, if you’re still looking for some more ideas, sign up for The Scoop and follow @JaMCellars on Instagram for all the #SundayFunday inspo you’ll need.

And don’t forget: life’s too short to drink anything but Butter! We can make all your #SundayFundays a little bit Butter by delivering ice cold JaM Cellars wine straight to your door in under 60 minutes (or less!) with Instacart, Amazon Fresh and Drizly. Three cheers for easy + fun Sundays!

Make sure to snap some pics for the ‘gram this Sunday Funday and share them with us over at @JaMCellars #JaMCellars #SundayFunday 

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JaM Cellars
June 6, 2022 | JaM Cellars

That's A Wrap On BottleRock Napa Valley 2022!

We came, we sipped, we BOTTLEROCKED! From JaMSessions at the JaMpad to the endless flow of liquid sunshine #ButterChardonnay, BottleRock Napa Valley 2022 was THE best way to enjoy our first sips of summer! 

Here’s a quick recap:

JaM Cellars Main Stage

The JaM Cellars main stage was popping off all weekend, especially when Metallica, Twenty One Pilots, and P!nk took center stage. Some of us even found a patch of grass and called it home for most of the day, soaking up the sun n’ sips… EPIC moment? How about P!nk flying over the crowd?! IYKYK! 

JaMPad JaMSessions

If you’ve JaM'ed with us before you’ll know, there’s no party like a JaMPad party! BottleRock’s official 5th stage (and our very own acoustic stage and VIP lounge!) was definitely a highlight of the fest. The JaMPad JaMSessions were THE spot to BottleRock like stars. We even got to dance our booties off to Michael Franti at the JaMPad until the sun went down. Most memorable moment? Can you SWOON any harder over Ron Artis II’s daughters taking center stage to sing chorus!?  

Re-live these memories!! Tune in on our YouTube anytime to rewatch the LIVE JaMSessions from the JaMPad at BottleRock. 

Butter Cab-ana

​​After we danced til we dropped, JaMFans got a chance to regroup at the brand NEW Butter Cab-ana. 

Our JaMbassadors poured plenty of Butter Cab and Butter Bubbles in between selfie sessions at the Butter Cab-ana photo booth. (If you went to the Butter Cab-ana but didn't take a selfie...did it even happen?) Also, festival-goers got to hang out with us for LIVE meet-and-greets with BottleRock artists at 5pm every day (Justus Bennetts, Ron Artis II, and Wild Rivers). Yes, we got the hookup…

Full JaM Cellars Lineup 

BottleRock was totally better with Butter!

Our headliners: Butter Chardonnay, JaM Cabernet, Toast Sparkling and Sugar Sweet White were pouring all throughout the festival at concessions stands and the JaMPad.

And for the first time ever, JaMFans were able to sip on the newest additions to the Butter lineup, Butter Cab and Butter Bubbles, exclusively available at the JaM Cellars Butter Cab-ana —a rock-star photo booth experience that was also new for this year! 

Check out our BottleRock2022 highlight reel for all the sippable moments you may have missed:

Keep the Festival JaMs Going All Year Round!

Don’t worry, besties; you can keep BottleRockin’ all year round:

• Keep sippin’ on your fav lineup from the festival! Find Butter Chardonnay, ButterCans, Butter Cab, and Butter Bubbles, JaM Cabernet, Toast Sparkling, and Sugar Sweet White in your nearest wine aisle, or order online for delivery right to your door in 60 minutes or less.

• Crank up the only radio station that mixes ALL the delicious artists from BottleRock: the famous  “Summer Festival JaMs” playlist, poured by JaM Cellars on iHeart Radio.

• Festival from the couch! Tune into our JaMHappyHours for LIVE music every Thursday and Friday @4pm for more of what you heard at BottleRock 2022.

• Come JaM with us during our weekend JaMSessions. ​​Our wine & music studio rocks downtown Napa with a comfy, music-driven wine vibe and the state-of-the-art sound system makes it easy to chill out with friends over a glass, flight, or bottle of delicious JaM Cellars wines. Check out our Facebook calendar for our current live music and events! 

Re-live all your favorite BottleRock moments with a glass of Butter in hand! Stock up at your closest wine aisle or delivered straight to your door, and follow us on IG, FB & Twitter to stay updated on all things BottleRock. 

Next up: Ohana Music Fest! See you there, JaMFam!

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JaM Cellars
May 18, 2022 | JaM Cellars

Experience Everything JaM Cellars Has to Offer This Summer!

Summertime is officially here, which means it’s time to get sippin’! Here are a few ways to JaM with us–all month long:

Stop by Our Wine & Music Studio in Downtown Napa

As the gorgeous Napa Valley vineyards are starting to pop, so is the JaM Cellars wine & music studio! Drop by and taste your way through our full lineup of delicious wines–including Butter Chardonnay, ButterCans, Butter Cab, Butter Bubbles, JaM Cabernet, Toast Sparkling, and Sugar Sweet White–in our sun-soaked music studio. 

Sip outside and soak up the California sun, or get cozy with your besties in a booth–whatever the mood, we’ve got you covered. Add on a cheese board to really get that “Napa” wine experience. 

Butter yet, make it a lunch! Enjoy a wine tasting and lunch from Tarla, our gourmet Mediterranean neighbors. They have everything from greek salads to lamb burgers–which make the perfect addition to a bottle of Butter Cab or Butter Chardonnay if we do say so ourselves….

Don’t forget to join us for a “Toast with Toast Sparkling” every day at 5:15pm, and enjoy a complimentary splash poured by your favorite JaMbassadors.    

Join us for LIVE JaMSessions

Come kick it with your cutie (or bestie!) and experience LIVE music in downtown Napa, Thursdays from 8-10:00pm and Friday/Saturdays from 9-11:00pm. 

Sip on live sets from:

Eric Wiley Project on Friday, May 13th, from 9pm - 11pm
Matt Bolton on Thursday, May 19th, from 8pm - 10pm
Wayward Blues on Thursday, May 26th, from 8pm - 10pm
(You might even get lucky and see one of the BottleRock headliners stop by and play us a buttery-smooth set!)

Check the JaMSessions listings here and make a reservation to make sure you don’t miss a beat.

Can’t make it to Napa for our in-person JaMSessions? Get a sip of JaMSessions wherever you are with our virtual JaMHappyHours on FB LIVE Live and the JaMHappyHour podcast! Just make sure your glasses are full with plenty of wine to cheer with.

BottleRock Napa

Proudly presenting BottleRock for our 6th year, we’re thrilled to invite you to get your first sip of summer with us! 

If you haven’t heard, BottleRock is back and better than ever–with headliners like Metallica, P!nk, Twenty One Pilots, and Luke Combs. This 3-day music, wine, food, and brew festival in Napa is the place to be, and we don’t want you to miss it. Make sure you're signed up for our monthly newsletter The Scoop and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates, ticket giveaways, and BottleRock announcements.

Heads up! JaM Cellars wine and music studio in downtown Napa will be closed during the festival weekend (Friday, May 27-Monday, May 30), so join us at the JaMPad lounge and stage or the NEW Butter Cab-ana rockstar photo booth experience.

See you soon, JaMFans!

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JaM Cellars
May 17, 2022 | JaM Cellars

Butter Get Packing For BottleRock 2022

Butter Get Packing For BottleRock 2022

This isn’t our first rodeo! We’ve done our share of packing for music festivals and would like to give you our top tips for an easy-to-love weekend. Mainly, what you should (and shouldn’t) be packing for all upcoming sipping & JaMming shenanigans. You have more important things to do as you prep for the weekend, so sip back and relax. 

Below, we’ve rounded up a few “must-haves” for an epic, comfy, rockstar-worthy festival experience!

1.  Beach Blanket or Yoga Mat

We know you’re going to be dancing ‘til you drop. Make sure to pack a bright yellow (easy to find!) beach blanket or yoga mat so you have a cushy place to land when it’s time for a ButterBreak in the shade. You’ll be glad to chill on a whim when the mood strikes!

2. Crossbody or Fanny Pack

News flash! All bags brought onto the festival grounds must be 12x12x6” or less…Forget dragging a big ol’ purse all over, keep your essentials in a super cute holographic crossbody like this one. OR Consider this adorable yellow fanny pack or trendy yellow crossbody. Security-friendly AND keeps you cute while cruising through the entry gates?! You’re VIP status already! 

3. Reusable Water Bottle

Stay hydrated, BottleRockers and festie besties!! Here’s a helpful reminder to sip plenty of water between glasses of Butter. 

Reusable water bottles (up to 1L) are invited to the party, and so are these foldable yellow water bottles! All bottles must be empty when you enter the gates, then fill ‘em up and sip ‘em down at the water stations found throughout BottleRock. Good for the planet? Check. Will keep you hydrated? Double-check!

4. Sunglasses and Hats

This BottleRock, throw some shade…the good kind! 

Trends may come and go, but good sense never goes out of style. Don’t forget to pack a pair of sunglasses and a hat (or two) to provide a little shade from the dazzling California sun.

5. Face Wipes and Sunscreen

The cardinal sin of music festivals: slacking on skin protection! 

Keep your bronze, ditch the burn. Add a mini sunscreen and a pack of refreshing face wipes to your list. Dancing is hard work and your skin might be craving a cleanse. Face wipes will come in handy for those between-show-touch-ups.  Don’t forget to reapply the sunscreen! 

*Aerosol sunscreen is not allowed inside BottleRock, so grab a smaller bottle of your favorite sunblock and throw it in your fanny pack for those midday rays. 

6. Tame Your Mane

Keep your head bobbing and hair rocking. Pack a few headbands, hair clips, scarves or bandanas to tame your unruly mane and save time for more sipping and less straightening. 

Rely on the help of your festival-ready hair accessories to tame your tresses when the dancing starts. Also, consider packing a mini container of dry shampoo powder to make sure your beautiful locks stay fresh no matter how much rocking happens. 

7. Hand Sanitizer

This one probably goes without saying, but you’ll def want to remember a bottle of hand sanitizer. Soap can be hard to come by, and it’s never a bad thing to be extra cootie-free! More high-fives, please! 

8. Portable Phone Charger

No one likes the “low battery” during a music festival–especially when you're in the middle of the silent disco not knowing where your festie bestie is. Pack a portable phone charger to keep your phone alive and your crew connected. Back up plan: meet at the Butter Cab-ana! 

Forgot to pack something for your BottleRockin’ weekend? No worries! There will be an onsite general store for all things fashion, festival and fun! They’ll have things like gum, lip balm, over-the-counter meds, etc…. Thanks for thinking of basically everything, BottleRock!

What to Know Before You Go:

While you’re prepping and packing for BottleRock weekend, JaM out to our “Summer Festival JaMs” playlist, poured by JaM Cellars on iHeartRadio

Don’t get caught with bad internet; get ahead of the game by downloading the festival app before you arrive. View the full lineups, check the schedules, and figure out where you want to be, and when. (Hint hint: you’ll definitely want to stop by the JaMPad and Butter Cab-ana for a very VIP experience!) 

Make sure you’re following us on @JaMCellars FB, Twitter and Insta for live festival updates, especially if you’re unable to make it in person this year. Snap your Butter-sippin’ #selfies and tag #JaMCellars on IG for a chance to get your own ‘grams reshared on the big screens! See you there, JaMFans!


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