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JaM Cellars
September 21, 2017 | JaM Cellars

JaM’s in Napa and now Napa’s in JaM

A tiny release of our favorite JaM Cab, now with Napa grapes

We know you love us for our easy-to-love, everyday Californian wines, but just now and again we like to out-do ourselves. Grapes from across our beautiful state of Califonia will always be JaM’s first love, but for the next two weeks only, we’re releasing a tiny amount of JaM made with world-famous Napa Valley grapes to everyone on our mailing list. It’s a treat that feels like getting a second birthday half way through the year!

JaM Cellars started in Napa and hopefully you’ve visited our wine and music studio here in downtown Napa? (If you haven’t, please come soon!) Our little microclimate here in Napa makes for extra-complex, structured and rich wines, but of course we kept the big, bold, berry flavors that you love.

There’s not much JaM Cab Napa to go around and you won’t see it on store shelves. This wine is typically just for members of MyJaMClub and guests at JaM Cellars Napa, but for the next two weeks we’re making this tiny amount available to all JaMFans! Plus we’ll save a little bit for you to enjoy at BottleRock Napa Valley presented by JaM Cellars. Well, it’d be such a shame not to!

Can’t wait til BottleRock? Come to Napa for a JaMSession at our studio and taste this wine as part of our Napa flight for the full JaM Napa experience. Or make your own JaM night at home—grab a bottle or two of JaM Napa here and tune into to JaM Cellars on Spotify.

As always, you save at least 33% on ground shipping when you purchase any case of JaM wines, so go ahead and stock up before time runs out! 

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JaM Cellars
September 21, 2017 | JaM Cellars

We’ve Fallen for Fall

6 Reasons We’ve Fallen for Fall

It’s hard to let go of summer, but we’ve cried enough and we’re ready to move on. And fall was right there waiting for us, cozy sweaters, fuzzy socks, pumpkin spice and all! Thank you fall for….

1. EARLY NIGHTS. Shorter days means wine o’clock comes earlier! When it’s really too cold for JaMming by the firepit, there’s Netflix’s fall lineup to pair with your favorite easy-to-love wine. Did someone say Jaws marathon??

2. RED, RED WINE. Come home to a dark, rich and luscious glass of JaM Cab to wine down on a cool autumn night. Light the fire and a couple candles and sink into the sofa…you deserve it.

3. FOOTBALL. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or only there for the food, football season brings everyone together. The conversations in the kitchen are just as much fun as the ones by the TV! We can’t decide whether we like Butter or JaM better with this three-cheese queso dip…guess we’ll have to try them both again. Hate it when that happens!

4. SIP' N' SMORE. S’mores are one of those things that help ease you out of summer into fall. Check out our nine favorite recipes for s’more inspiration this fall. We tested them and each one tastes just a little better with JaM wines, of course.

5. COZY SWEATERS AND FUZZY SOCKS. They take up so much room in the drawer, but we forgive them every year...there’s nothing like warm, soft and indulgently fluffy sweaters and socks on a chilly day. We’re jonesing after these Butter Slippers....and this cabernet sweater

6. FALL COLORS. The leaves will be changing color in the vineyards soon, blazing with JaM red and Butter yellow—the ultimate fall colors! Grab a few bottles and head somewhere to take in the fall foliage this year. Here are a bunch of great online tools and even an app to plan your leaf peeping. It’s an excellent excuse for a visit to JaM Cellars and taste our new JaM Cab Napa.

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JaM Cellars
September 21, 2017 | JaM Cellars

S’more Inspiration?

Need S’more Inspiration?

Sip 'n' Smore

We haven’t met a human yet who doesn’t love a good s’more… so it’s a great excuse to gather up your friends around the firepit during the first few days of fall. Our sip 'n' smore list is a creative twist on the classic and (surprise!) each one is perfect with JaM wines. Get creative, get competitive and tell us your favorite…

Lemon Meringue S’mores

Use lemon curd instead of chocolate for a tangy taste explosion! (For extra decadence, add white chocolate...mmm.)
Wine: Butter Chardonnay

Fluffernutter S’mores

Use crunchy peanut butter instead of (or in addition to) the chocolate.
Wine: Butter Chardonnay or JaM Cab – you cannot go wrong with this one.

Nutella Banana S’mores

Swap in Nutella for the chocolate, and add a few pieces of sliced banana. It’s amazing. Trust us!
Wine: Toast Sparkling

Bacon S’mores 

Add cooked bacon and a dash of hot sauce. YASSS!
Wine: JaM Cab

Sophisticated S’more 

Dark chocolate truffles, peppermint marshmallows, and organic graham crackers.
Wine: JaM Cab Napa, of course….

Coconut S’mores 

Swap in coconut marshmallows, and use a snack size Mounds bar instead of plain chocolate. Bonus points if you use a split macaroon instead of the grahams!
Wine: Butter Chardonnay

Pumpkin S’mores 

Add your favorite pumpkin butter (we love TJ’s – only available in the fall!) to dark chocolate, cinnamon graham crackers, and classic toasted marshmallow.
Wine: JaM Cab

Cookie Monster S’mores 

Swap in your favorite shortbread – Keebler Fudge Stripes, anyone? –  or any kind of buttery cookie for the graham crackers.
Wine: Butter Chardonnay

Stuffed S’mores 

Slip a Rolo or mini-Reese’s (or Thin Mint or whatever tiny candy you have) into the middle of the marshmallow before you toast it. The ultimate in gooey goodness!
Wine: Butter, JaM or Toast, depending on the stuffing.

Happy Toasting (yep, we just can’t help ourselves!)

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JaM Cellars
August 15, 2017 | JaM Cellars

Butter Ways for a Never Ending Summer

Summer, SLOW DOWN!

5 Ways to give Summer a Speeding Ticket

Is it just us, or does summer fly by WAY faster than the rest of the year? Well that’s not right, we’re just not having it. So, while we know we can’t actually issue summer a speeding ticket, here are some Butter ways to keep the summer going long past Labor Day. Take that summer!

  • Hit the store. Then the beach, the park, or your yard…break out a blanket or an air lounger (check these out!), crack open some cool, creamy Butter Chardonnay, and soak up every last ray of summer sun. It’s a crazy-comfy mini vacation (even just 15 or 20 minutes!) when you can at least pretend you have nothing to do. Yes. You. Can.

  • Just grill it. Your barbecue isn’t ready to give up on summer, either. Butter keep it simple—invite the neighbors, make it a potluck, pour rich, fruity JaM Cab with a burger, and turn up the JaMs. Plus we made a Summer JaMs playlist especially for you. Welcome.

  • Pack a picnic. Truth: food tastes better when you eat it outside. Doesn’t matter if it’s PB&J, deli sandwiches, or 101 creative 20-minute recipes like these… for a Butter picnic, just add chilled, fresh Butter (see what we did there?). Yep.

  • Backyard sleepover. Maybe you didn’t check camping off your summer to-do list this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stargaze at home. Backyard sleepovers are a lot easier to plan for…stargazing maps, snacks, bugspray, JaM govinos (win a pair here!), and your favorite splash of wine…gazing at Venus makes us crave some velvety JaM Cab…yum.

  • Weeekday S’more Social. Some primal human cravings can’t be ignored---chocolate, fire, friends and competing for the most perfect S’more (here’s how). Just bust out the fire pit, the Jet-Puffed Jumbos, Hersheys, and graham crackers ‘cos the classic never disappoints. Wanna mix it up? Try these…and pick your favorite sip to go with it…dark chocolate plus the deep dark berries of JaM Cab, or creamy white chocolate with Butter Chardonnay? So good!

    We firmly believe that a never-ending summer is a Butter state of mind! Agree? #JaMWineTime

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JaM Cellars
August 15, 2017 | JaM Cellars

Back-to-School Survival

Back To Wine Time

Back-to-Wine…err…School Time!

Whether you’re a Mom, or teacher, or know any Moms, or teachers (so that’s EVERYONE)—back-to-school stuff is stressful. And it’s nothing like the ads you see on TV with carts loaded, surrounded by contented kids, and everyone breezing through check-outs with no lines. So we thought we’d turn “Back-to-School” into “Back-to-Wine” time—with a little light relief and wine-time tips to help get you through…

  • The new school year can mean new friends and bigger carpool groups to share the load. Tempt other parents over for a Butter happy hour. Sip on creamy-licious chardonnay and get crazy organized with this carpool scheduler made by parents for parents. Butter makes even carpool scheduling better!

  • Stocking up for school and teacher supplies, treat your wine supply the same way. There’s no better time to get that “Buy 6 bottles” discount, check out your nearest Butter and JaM Cab stores—we’re in a ton of new stores this Fall!

  • Plan regular date nights, movie nights, no-grading nights. Kids and classroom schedules are all well and good…follow your own advice and make one week night all about you…#winewednesday? These 50 easy steps to scheduling date night made us howl. Hint…sip and read!

  • Don’t panic over shorter days, make your evening routine work for you: clothes picked out; gym shoes by the door; lunches made. And the best part? Shorter days means wine o’clock earlier… “Yes, yes it does!” As you pour another glass of that berry-licious JaM Cab!  

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JaM Cellars
August 15, 2017 | JaM Cellars

Butter Get Pack'n For Ohana!

5 Beach-Ready Hacks for Ohana

We’re so amped to be pouring at this year’s Ohana Fest! Whenever you bring Butter Chardonnay, JaM Cab and Toast Sparkling and amazing music to a gorgeous SoCal beach, you know it’s going to be a great time. But to help make those three days extra delicious, we put together this list of the concert hacks for Ohana. See you all at the ButterBar! 

  • The Outfit. Fun colors and statement pieces are mandatory #festivalwear at a beach concert! (Butter yellow’s always a great choice!) A swimsuit wouldn’t be a bad idea, either.

  • Beach Prep. Beaches rock like Eddie Vedder, but they’re also pretty sandy.... Check out these awesome tips for keeping your skin, your phone, your face, and your money safe by the seaside!

  • Concert Essentials. The things you know you need to bring. Sunscreen. Shades. Beach Towel. Tote. Empty water bottle (refills are free). Cash—for sippin’ on Butter and snacking all weekend!

  • Getting There. Skip the traffic and parking headaches, and pedal your way to the party. Ohana’s got a free bike valet 8am-11pm daily! Make sure to get there early, because you definitely don’t want to miss out on the dreamy Corey Harper, or the jazzy-surf duo, The Mattson 2.

  • Bring the Kids. This is an all-ages event! Even better, kids under 5 get in free with a paid adult admission, and they might even recognize a Jack Johnson song, or two. Ohana means family, after all.

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JaM Cellars
August 15, 2017 | JaM Cellars

Summer through September!

Summer Through September

You know we have a hard time saying goodbye to summer. That’s why our Summer Concert Series at JaM Cellars Napa stretches all the way through September 29 this year!

We’re hosting incredible live music every Thursday and Friday night in our downtown Napa living room. There’s no better place to get up close and personal with the artists—they’re literally inches away!

Check out our poster for the awesome talent that’s coming in August and September, and join us for easy to love wines, late-night snacks, and the best late summer JaMs in Napa Valley!

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JaM Cellars
August 15, 2017 | JaM Cellars

Bigger is Butter

Butter’s Going Big!

You know we love to go big… and that extra Butter will never go to waste! That’s why we’re doubling down this summer with Big Butter magnums!

This XL size gives you TWO regular 750ml bottles of easy-to-love, creamy-licious Butter Chardonnay in one. They’re big, they’re beautiful, and they’re ready-made for summer! Perfect for big parties, big birthdays, and any day that ends in “y”.

Look for Big Butter coming soon to big box stores and retailers near you, or stop by JaM Cellars in Napa.

Go big this summer, and send us your Big Butter selfies using hashtag #BigButter

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JaM Cellars
July 20, 2017 | JaM Cellars

5 Summer Wine Hacks

Top Five Wine Hacks to Sip Into Summer!

It’s so time to sip into summer. Check out our top five ways to wine away the day this season!

(5) POOL PACKING. Imagine your cooler full of Butter, beach reads (we love PopSugar’s pool-side page turners), and freshly made guac and chips. Pool time just got a whole lot Butter! And please, do not forget the sunscreen—ButterLovers, stay smooth with All Good’s Sunscreen Butter! You’re welcome!

(4) MIXIN' IT UP. Summer’s our excuse to get our fizz on. Sunshine and sparkling is where it’s at. So we’ve taken our fave Toast bubbles to the next level with new summer POP-tails. Make amazing Tropical Toast-inis, Creamsicle Toast-mosas, or for traditionalists a Toast Royale. Three new ways to ensure you never miss your chance to sparkle this summer!

(3) CHILLING OUT. It’s 4pm and you just broke out into a cold sweat (not the good kind) because the last bottle of Butter in the fridge didn’t get replaced (aaargh). How can you possibly get through this sultry summer evening without a cool glass of your favorite Chard? Easy. Wrap a wet paper towel around your bottle of Butter and put in the freezer for 15 minutes (and not a minute longer – we suggest a timer and a good dose of self-restraint.) Bada-bing, bada-boom… you've got cold creamy Butter!

(2) COOL JaMS. On a steamy summer night, we hang out with our favorite summer tunes and a bottle of JaM Cab straight from the fridge. That’s right, let your JaM hang out in the same cold spot as Butter and Toast, and this smooth, sexy red is ready to rock! Fruity, delicious and just what the DJ ordered. Check out our new Summer JaMs playlist!

(1) DAY-DRINK (responsibly). Yup…we just said it. It’s summer, and you shouldn’t be stuck inside missing out on this perfect weather! Start a group text with your best friends, take the rest of the day off, and find the best place to get together for a glass or two. May we suggest your deck, backyard, or better yet your front porch—that way you can invite the neighbors over too. We long to be your official wines for friends, fun, and sun! With love, John and Michele—the “J” and “M” in JaM!

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JaM Cellars
July 20, 2017 | JaM Cellars

Beats By The Ocean

Ohana Music Festival | September 8, 9,10

Three days of awesome live music on a gorgeous SoCal beach? Yes, please!!! All we need is you there to JaM with us!

JaM Cellars is the proud wine sponsor for this year’s Ohana Music Festival, which will be rocking Doheny State Beach Sep 8-10., 2017. Think Eddie Vedder, Jack Johnson, Social Distortion, The Pixies, Ray Lamontagne, Fiona Apple and much more! Plus of course, a beachful of JaM Cellars wine, craft beer and spirits, and some of Orange County’s tastiest local eats. The festival donates a portion of its proceeds to the San Onofre Parks Foundation and the Doheny State Beach Interpretive Association, to help keep our Cali-coastlines beautiful!

Ohana means family in Hawaiian, so it just wouldn't be right to go without our JaMFans… that’s why we’re giving away a pair of general admission passes this summer!

CLICK TO ENTER. Find out if you are the winner Friday, August 4.

We can’t wait to JaM with our feet in the sand, fists in the air, and Butter in our glasses. See you at Ohana!

Join us at Ohana!  

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