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JaM Cellars
January 18, 2018 | JaM Cellars

Butter Get Happy List

Butter Get Happy in 2018

Butter Get Happy in 2018

One of the top resolutions is to get healhy, so we wanted to share our list of tried and true, science-backed ways to get happy in 2018!

  1. Plan a Vacation (or staycation). You totally deserve it! Take the time to take time off, no phones, no email, and all the luxurious touches (sleeping in, Toast sparkling in the bathtub, and cocktails on Tuesdays!). Check out these great ideas for a five-star staycation!
  2. Get Crazy. Break out and try something out of your comfort zone this year... whether that’s skydiving, salsa dancing, or Ethiopian food! Variety is the spice of life. (We’re here if you need a little liquid courage!)
  3. Face Time With Your Tribe. Not that kind of face time...we mean the real thing! Get together in person with your loved ones. You can gossip, you can wine (not whine), you can celebrate what matters most: each other. Bonus: it’s great for your health! Even the Mayo Clinic agrees!
  4. Go Live. Live music, that is. There’s nothing like a live concert! Musicians are rocking out all over, so it’s easy to get out and show them some love. (In case you hadn’t heard, BottleRock 2018 tickets are now on sale...we’ll see you there!)
  5. Step Outside. Whether you’re traveling to a gorgeous natural wonder, or just sitting outside under the trees, nature is an incredible bad-mood buster. (Especially with a picnic and a bottle of Butter!)
  6. Learn Something New. Age is a state of mind. Stay forever young by challenging yourself...learning a new language or musical instrument, taking a karate class, or just reading a book about something you’ve always wondered about. How about a little wine tasting? Set up something for you and the girls and introduce them to your favorites, Butter, JaM and Toast! 
  7. Celebrate you! A little ME time is just what the doctor ordered. So pour yourself that delicious glass of chardonnay and give yourself some ButterLove!
JaM Cellars
January 18, 2018 | JaM Cellars

Who’s JaMming at BottleRock 2018

Who's JaMming at BottleRock Napa Valley?

Who’s JaMming at BottleRock 2018?

We are! For the third year in a row, we are proud to announce that JaM Cellars will be the Presenting Sponsor of BottleRock Napa Valley – the best summer music festival in the country. And yes, we are biased, but really this line up rocks! This year, we’re bringing headliners Bruno Mars, The Killers, and Muse! Plus dozens more up-and-coming artists from all over the world. So. Much. Fun!

Check out the full lineup here. Incredible talent, awesome wine, gourmet food, and plenty of gorgeous wine country sunshine, sounds perfect right about now! Remember how much fun we had last year? (This video pretty much says it all!)

Make Butter, JaM and Toast your first taste of summer, May 25-27, 2018. We’ll be rocking out in the JaMPad with Alice Radio, special guest musicians, lush JaM Cellars wine, and as many of you JaMFans as we can fit.

We really want you to JaM with us again this year, so we’re giving away pairs of tickets every month from now until May. Check out tickets to win here and double your chances by sharing the link with a friend or two. 

JaM Cellars
January 18, 2018 | JaM Cellars

Big Game JaMs

Five Things You Need for a Super Fun SuperBowl

Five Things You Need For A Super Fun Big Game Weekend

  1. Football-Shaped Snacks. Totally get into the spirit with these foodie fun football-lookalike recipes. Who says kids are the only ones who get fun-shaped food?
  2. Mr. JT Playlist. Justin Timberlake is headlining the halftime show, so it’s guaranteed to be amazing. (Remember last time?) Get the dancing started early with this playlist! You can’t stop the feeling….
  3. Games. Not everyone’s there for the football, but who doesn’t love a good contest? Get the competitive juices flowing with Big Game bingo, betting pools, or even (responsible) drinking games. It's the perfect opportunity to bust out those corn hole boards that have been sitting in the garage since the end of summer! 
  4. Easy Finger Foods. We believe the Big Game party should be fork-free. Keep it classy with fancy appetizers, or one-pot with this lightened crab dip or scrummy paleo spinach-artichoke dip. (New Year’s resolutions? We got ya!). These recipes are all easy, tasty, and pair perfectly with super-sized glass of creamy Butter Chardonnay
  5. Lots of Butter and JaM! The party essential! We’ve got the secret formula for figuring out exactly how much Butter, JaM and Toast you need for your crew.

Have a safe and super fun football weekend!

JaM Cellars
January 18, 2018 | JaM Cellars

Mondo Cozmo Comes to Napa

Mondo Cozmo Comes to Napa

Mondo Cozmo Comes to Napa

We’re so excited to welcome Mondo Cozmo to Napa Valley next month! This guy’s been described as “Bob Dylan fronting Oasis,” and he’s taking the country by storm. We met him at the Voodoo music festival in NOLA last year and you might have seen him on  Jimmy Kimmel, or maybe at Outside Lands in 2017. He'll even be back in Napa later this year for BottleRock Napa Valley

On February 23, Mondo Cozmo’s playing the JaM Cellars Ballroom in downtown Napa and we're giving away a pair of tickets! Don’t want to risk missing him? We don't blame ya. You can guarantee your tickets here.

JaM Cellars
November 16, 2017 | JaM Cellars

Winesgiving Day, JaM Cellars Style

Winesgiving Day, JaM Cellars Style

Keep your holiday JaMming all day long.

8am: Lace up your running shoes, grab your girlfriends and head out to your local turkey trot. You know there’s an abundance of treats including Butter coming your way later, so kick-start that metabolism early.

9am: You did it. Now off for a shower with a celebratory Toastmosa. You may need to get one of these for your bathroom. We don’t want any shower spills!

9:30am: Time to put the turkey in the oven, put your family to work cleaning the house and crank the music up loud. Ideal pairing: JaM'n Winesgiving playlist

12:00 noon: Friends and family start arriving, with cases of Butter and JaM they picked up on their way over. A toast with Toast and hugs all around!

1:00pm: It's time to get your guests out of the house (except for your best friend who’s a culinary goddess) with a game of touch football for the willing. You open a fresh bottle of Butter to share while you chop veggies, make THE best cranberries (with a splash of JaM) and catch up on the latest gossip.

2:30pm: The recipe says the turkey’s ready, but it’s not. The only thing to do is add more Butter (to you and the bird) and repeat until it’s 180° F in the thigh and 165° F in the breast….keep those USDA turkey recommendations handy!

3:30pm: The turkey is carved, the gravy’s made, and everyone’s at the table. Time to raise our glasses and give thanks for family and friends. 

4:30pm: It’s done, you’re a hero, time to reward yourself with a glass of Butter! No one can manage another mouthful. Non-cooks clear the table, and the rest of the party breaks into the board games! Some of our new favorites include; Watch Ya' MouthWhat Do You Meme?Exploding Kittens, and of course, Cards Against Humanity.

5:30: BOOM – the turkey day “snooze" hits (here’s why). That means it’s time for pumpkin pie with extra Butter, and a couple of rounds of Pie Face!

6:00pm: Some very full guests head out, armed with leftovers and maybe a bottle of Butter, JaM or Toast in one of these adorable Thanksgiving wine gift bags. The rest of you? Crank up the music and JaM like no-ones watching.

9:00pm: You’ve eaten, you’ve snoozed and danced, now round #2 begins! this time it’s all about your favorites, eaten standing up in the kitchen. Cue paper plates, plastic forks and JaM Cellars govinos (win them here).

What’s your favorite part of Winesgiving? Sip smile and share on FB or Instagram with #Winesgiving @JaMCellars!

JaM Cellars
November 16, 2017 | JaM Cellars

We Run for Wine

Here’s How We Run for Wine during the holidays

Holiday fun runs are the best. Maybe it’s a Turkey Trot after the turkey goes into the oven, or Reindeer Run post-present unwrapping? These morning-of rituals are the perfect way to start the day and a great excuse for an extra glass of Butter!

1.     Assemble Your Squad:  if you can’t get the family out of bed in time to join, don’t sweat it. Put out a group text and entice the girls to join with the promise of post-run shenanigans! Team colors? we love these Butter-yellow Adidas!

2.     I Signed Up… Now What? Girl, you gotta get ready. Most of these holiday runs come in 5k and 10k variations—totally achievable with a few weeks of training, plus extra post-workout vino. We love this three-week training plan to get us from the couch to the course.

3.     What Do I Wear?! Have fun with a playful costume, especially if you’re running as a group! Check out these 20 Awesome race-day costumes for a little inspiration. If you’re not up for dressing like a turkey or pilgrim, consider a Butter yellow tutu!  After all, it is called a fun run.

4.     Tunes. The right track keeps us going to the finish line and the promise of a post run glass of Butter (well, that and the post-run celebration. Check out this ready-made playlist to JaM to while you run.

5.     Where’s My Wine? Celebrate the gold around your neck with a little gold in your glass! Grab Butter from the store pre-race, along with a couple of GoVinos for post-run tailgating. Or text the hubby post-run to pop that bottle and have a ToastMosa ready when you get home, You deserve it! 

Are you a JaM-loving Turkey Trotter? Share your pics with us on social! @JaMCellars 

JaM Cellars
November 16, 2017 | JaM Cellars

Thank You from JaM

What We’re Grateful For in 2017

Thanksgiving’s the perfect time to look back on the year Here’s our thank you list, share yours with us too #Winesgiving @JaMCellars

JaMFans. We feel the love—whether you’ve just discovered Butter and JaM this year, or been with us from the beginning, we’re grateful for YOU! Your ButterLove has made us one of the fastest-growing wine brands of our time. Special shout-outs go to Patrick, Maria, and Chriss...and of course, Pat (Pat, we love that you’d rather “drink 7-Up than any other white wine when Butter’s not available!”).

JaMSessions. Music and wine feeds our souls and in 2017 we added more JaMSessions at our wine and music studio in Napa than ever before. Thank you to all the fabulous artists and bands who’ve played JaM Cellars this past year! A special thank you goes out to Serf & James, Chris Pierce, Alec Lee, High Noon and many more for coming back to see us so often. Check out the line up for the Holidays.

BottleRock-ed in 2017. Our friends at the festival worked hard to make it the best yet (you know who you are!). Jayn and the Alice team hosted and chatted up a storm with Gnash, Judah and the Lion, The Heydaze, Gavin Degraw, and Michael Franti, to name a few. And you made it all possible for us to have a rocking festival with lots of smiles. Let’s do it all again in 2018!

New JaMClub Benefits. We're stoked about the new benefits of being a JaM Club Member, besides just having wine show up on your doorstep with ZERO effort! Everyone now gets 10% all bottle purchases, ALL THE TIME! In addition, we're giving you 25% off by the glass when you JaM with us in Napa, and priority access to events, releases, music and so much more! Oh by the way... wanna have a party at JaM? It's on us! Just ask how. 

Big Butter. This August, we finally put lots of extra Butter into one convenient package. Our glorious 1.5L bottles are perfect for parties and sometimes awkward family gatherings, in case you might have any of those coming up soon? Find them here

JaM Cellars Ballroom. The rise of the “ballroom” as a hip music venue found it’s way to Napa, taking over the Napa Valley Opera House. We’re honored to lend our name to the space and excited to see TRAIN perform a benefit concert there in a couple weeks. Check out listings here.

First Responders and Wine Country Community. Words cannot express how we feel about our home here in Napa. In the midst of devastation, our hearts were full as we came together during the historic wildfire crisis. And now we’re seeing wine lovers everywhere coming back to the Valley, enjoying the wine, beauty, and hospitality we are so well known for. We are #NapaStrong and we’re open for business. Come up and see us soon.

JaM Cellars
November 16, 2017 | JaM Cellars

The Holidays JaM in Napa

The Holidays JaM in Napa

Looking for the festive spirit? Come JaM with us in Napa! 

Holiday Movie Nights - ongoing through the holidays. We start in November with Home for the Holidays, and nothing can stop us until the tree comes down! On the MUST list: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, Bad Santa, and The Ref. But we also love the modern classics... Home Alone, Elf, Love Actually, Christmas with the Kranks, and Scrooged. Now, all we need is peppermint popcorn, a cozy blanket, and our favorite Santa mug, full of Butter of course.

Friendsgiving - November 22nd. We’re hosting Friendsgiving, and you’re all invited. Come and join us and give thanks, JaM Cellars-style: music, prizes, classic Thanksgiving nibbles, plenty of Butter and JaM and of course a Toast or three. The person who brings the most friends wins wine pairings with their bites!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party - December 9th. At last, your excuse to break that awful thing from out from the back of your closet. The best/worst sweater wins a full-size replica of the leg lamp from A Christmas Story, so dress to impress. There’ll also be JaM Cellars gift certificates, tastings and pairings, and holiday gift packs up for grabs.

Winter JaMSessions. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we’re slowing down around here. Check out our Holiday lineup every Thursday and Friday

NYE Brunch - December 31st. The last day of 2017 is a Sunday, and we need Brunch! and we do have the best wines for this very occasion. Do you want a little JaM with your Toast and Butter? Bottomless Toastmosas, a shortlist of brunch classics, and plenty of great raffle prizes. The best or worst New Year’s resolution will also win complimentary event space for a party in January!

JaM Cellars
November 16, 2017 | JaM Cellars

Our Holiday JaM

Holiday Happiness

We’re fanatics about the Holidays, and not just because it’s an excuse to drink more Toast! (But we do love that, too.) Our special festive guest on @JaMCellars Insta feed is planning to make you smile every day in December. Join us and our wonderful Social community on Instagram and Facebook for Holiday shenanigans, wine and a Buttery little boost to the season! Don't forget to hit that like button and follow us for more festive fun! 

JaM Cellars
October 19, 2017 | JaM Cellars

Love is Thicker Than Smoke

This harvest, Mother Nature had a lot more in store for us than we had bargained for. Strong winds spread wildfires across our beautiful valleys here in Northern California wine country. The JaM team have emerged safe and well and within a couple days re-opened the wine and music studio to friends, neighbors, and visitors. We are grateful for your support and kind words on Facebook and feel more thankful than ever to be a part of this incredible wine community. For those that can join us Thursdays and Fridays for a JaMSession, we welcome you with open bottles! For those that can’t, pop open a bottle at home and tune into the JaM Spotify channel–we’ll be with you in spirit, or should we say... wine! Read on for our fave tips for enjoying Fall to its fullest.

Carpe Diem!

Love, JaM XOXO

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