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JaM Cellars
April 1, 2019 | JaM Cellars

Introducing: ButterPods!


We're incredibly excited to finally introduce to you our newest product: ButterPods! A single-serving pod of Butter Chardonnay that is freshly prepared and chilled in your single-serve coffee maker. With the introduction of this newest product, we're able to offer another simple solution to having fresh Butter anytime, whether at home or at the office, without having to open an entire bottle!

“After the great success we had launching ButterCans last year, we thought: why not take it one step further and release Butter Chardonnay in a single serving pod?” said Michele Truchard, the M in JaM. “Available in an eight-pack, ButterPods are perfect for enjoying every day, with an extra glass for the weekend. Just pop a ButterPod into your single-serve coffee maker and press ‘brew’ to have the perfect pour of chilled Butter, anytime.”

ButterPods will never be available to order online because this is an April Fool's joke! #gotcha

Time Posted: Apr 1, 2019 at 10:01 AM
JaM Cellars
March 21, 2019 | JaM Cellars

Money Can’t Buy Happiness…But It Can Buy Wine!

Let's go Shopping!

Feet up JaMFans, we’re going shopping... online! 

It’s your lucky week because we’re rolling out the best news: Everything in our online JaMStore is 20% off all week long! 

Yes, you read right, now’s your chance to score your fave JaM wines including bottles of super-sippable Butter Chardonnay, JaM Cab (perfect for summer BBQ’s coming up!) and our new bestie, California Candy Dry Rosé. Still can't find those #ButterCans or #CandyCans? Now's the perfect time to have them shipped right to your doorstep! 

But you know the drill, more Butter is always better - so now's the time to stock up and take advantage of our super-saving shipping deal!

  • 33% off 1 case
  • 66% off 2 cases
  • 100% off 3 cases or more

*applies to ground or temperature control shipping*

It’s the perfect sneak-peek experience into our special club. And we want YOU.

You just saved 20% on your wine budget. Here’s what to spend it on instead:

Want deals like this all year long? We’ve got you covered with auto shipments and great perks—who says money can’t buy happiness?

  • 10% -20% bottle discounts to keep your wine fridge stocked all year ‘round
  • Free or fixed price shipping specials
  • Want to mix n’ match your selection? No one puts Butter in a corner. Mix your selections up!
  • Visit us at JaM Cellars in downtown Napa and save up to 50% by the glass
  • Want to book the JaM Cellars wine and music studio for your next private event? It’s on us! (subject to availability and minimum food and beverage)
  • You’re always a JaMVIP: Get priority access to events, releases, music and more, because we love to rock out and we know you do too

We can’t wait to show you all the good stuff. Ready to JaM with us? Sign up for the JaMClub to get the good times rollin’!

Time Posted: Mar 21, 2019 at 10:01 AM
JaM Cellars
March 15, 2019 | JaM Cellars

Spread The Love with Butter Chardonnay

#SpreadtheLove with Butter Chardonnay

Springtime is bringing us flowers, patio weather, and the perfect excuse to open a bottle of Butter Chardonnay (like we need a reason!). It’s this time of year that reminds us to #SpreadtheLove as we leave behind wintry doldrums and welcome the anticipated fun of the seasons with our nearest and dearest.

It’s time to get together and get real—over wine, of course.  The moments we share between sips bring us together—both silly and serious. So let’s forget about freezing rain and April showers, the only thing we want to be pouring now is another glass of Butter!

Cuddle-Up Convos | Break out of the winter routine with your sweetie and catch up for real. Whether it’s on the couch, while you’re making dinner (a.k.a. dialing up UberEats….no judgment!), or soaking in the last rays of sunshine after work, grab a couple of govinos and make time to remember why you like each other in the first place.

WineTalk tips

  • Can’t go without: Rolling Stones or The Beatles?
  • Spend a Friday night at: Dueling piano bar or karaoke?
  • Would you rather: Direct the blockbuster movie of the summer or write a NYT best seller?

Butter Up Your Bestie | We all have that one friend you can always count on for: Happy Hour; showing up with Butter and ice cream; a good break-down, or build-up (depending on the day). You know the one. Your bestie is your ride-or-die…and all the jokes are inside. Butter time is a great way to show her what she means to you. You’re already texting her, right?

WineTime tips

  • Hit up your favorite online stores for the perfect spring outfits—feet up on the sofa and Butter in your glass
  • Primp and pamper those pinkies with the perfect shade
  • ButterCans go everywhere…even the nail salon
  • Shake off the indoors and dust off the porch swing—sip as you watch the world go by and the daffodils bloom.

Love and Butter are best when shared. Come out of hibernation and tag #JaMCellars as you #SpreadtheLove with those you can always count on to share a bottle of Butter with you, no matter what! 

Time Posted: Mar 15, 2019 at 4:51 PM
JaM Cellars
February 21, 2019 | JaM Cellars

Introducing CandyCans!


We Want CandyCans!

Our first sip of California Candy Dry Rosé last year made us swoon. It’s back and even easier to adore. Yes, you can #RoséAllDay with CandyCans! Whether you’re kicking it at the beach or packing a few in your backpack to sip on-the-go, these cute and convenient cans will go with you, wherever your next adventure takes you!

Pinkies up, get those govinos out! Even better, grab a reusable straw like these adorable striped ones to get selfie-ready (and save your lipstick, obviously). All the rules are canceled, and easy-breezy fun is game on when we’re sippin’ on CandyCans.  

Keep your eyes on your local wine aisle as these adorable 250ml cans make their way on to a shelf near you! Want them now? Want them delivered?? Shop through our online store and pay no additional shipping when you order two 4-packs or more! 

Once you have CandyCans in hand and you’re ready to party, tag us with your happy face using #CandyCans and #CaliforniaCandy online. We dare you to stop staying #IWantCandy all rosé season long! 

Time Posted: Feb 21, 2019 at 10:04 AM
JaM Cellars
February 21, 2019 | JaM Cellars

Roll out the JaM Carpet for this year’s Oscars

Roll out the JaM Carpet for this year’s Oscars

Movie night is always better when there’s popcorn and Butter and we can’t wait to see who takes the stage at #Oscars2019 to relive all our favorite movies from this year!

Will they really make us choose between Bohemian Rhapsody and A Star Is Born for Best Picture? Somebody grab the govinos and the girls and roll out that red carpet, we’re celebrating the Oscars, JaM-style!

• Brush up on your Oscars history: Give yourself a refresher on some iconic Oscars moments (remember when JLaw ate it on stage?! We feel you girl) with a quick recap on the most iconic moments in Oscars history.

• Remind guests of the dress code: Watch the stars dress it up while you get comfortable for the show. PJ’s are a must; Butter yellow robes and bunny slippers are highly encouraged.

• Welcome to the Open Bar: Set out plenty of Toast Sparkling and let your guests get creative dressing up their drinks with a champagne bar fit for a movie star.

• Fine (Finger Food) Dining: make prep (and clean up) a breeze with all your food from apps to dessert on a stick, like these meatball subs and these strawberry shortcake treats.

• Sip on that: If we had a viewing party, and didn’t make up a drinking game…did we even watch the Oscars? Bottoms up every time someone starts their speech off with a Queen reference! ”He’s just a poor boy…”

• “And the award goes to…”: Offer an award for “Best Dressed PJ” contest. Fancy-up a bottle of Toast with glitter and hand it off in style to the winner. Aren’t we all stars tonight?

Time Posted: Feb 21, 2019 at 10:02 AM
JaM Cellars
February 21, 2019 | JaM Cellars

Sippin’ on Sunshine for Daylight Savings Switch

 Sippin’ on Sunshine for Daylight Savings Switch

We have never been happier to see that extra hour of sunshine, and it couldn’t have come a day too soon! Daylight Savings Time “springs” us forward on Sunday, March 2nd which might mean we lose an hour of sleep, but we’re getting an hour of sunlight back to do whatever your Butter-loving heart desires. We’ll take that trade!

Need some inspiration on what to do with the rest of your bright shiny day? We have a few ideas for ways to spend that extra hour of sunshine!

• Leave work early (happy hour on the patio starts NOW!)

• Make the day a celebration with a bottle of Toast as you watch the sunset.

• Get outside and BYOB (Bring your own ButterCans!) to reward your adventure, whether you’re out for a hike, or stealing a bit of sunshine at the park.

• Pack that picnic and fire up the grill with JaM Cab and BBQ by your side while you enjoy that extra hour of sunlight.

• Have a JaM session in your living room for cardio – moves inspired by extra glasses of Butter...

Enjoy the extra wine-time with those Butter-yellow sunnies on…you deserve it!

Time Posted: Feb 21, 2019 at 10:01 AM
JaM Cellars
February 21, 2019 | JaM Cellars

March JaMSessions Are Giving Us Spring Fever

March JaMSessions Are Giving Us Spring Fever

We’ve got Spring Fever, and the only antidote is warm weather and a chilled glass of Butter. Are you with us?

Say goodbye to winter, and bring the heat as we bring in hot talent every weekend to the JaM Cellars Wine & Music Studio in Downtown Napa.

Thursdays and Fridays from 9PM-midnight we’ll be March-ing to our own beat all month long as we bring in a range of artists like indie-inspired Zak Fennie & Friends, and Terry Family Band. We’ll be getting down with Groovy Judy’s funk Hendrix funk rock tunes and stepping it up a notch with rock ‘n roll-er Roem Bauer.

You can always check out our events page to make sure you don’t miss a beat on our next session at the studio.

Join us to sip by the glass, or by the bottle on easy-to-love wines Butter Chardonnay, JaM Cabernet, California Candy Dry Rosé and Toast Sparkling while you kick back on our cozy couches and enjoy the show like you’re part of the band!

Time Posted: Feb 21, 2019 at 10:00 AM
JaM Cellars
January 24, 2019 | JaM Cellars

BottleRock 2019 Presented by JaM Cellars!

Pinch us, are we dreaming? You’re not Imaging(ing) Dragons, the BottleRock 2019 lineup is here, and we are so excited to ring in JaM Cellar’s fourth year as presenting sponsors!

It may be sweater weather now, but we are already dreaming of that first taste of summer sipping our GoVino of Butter while rockin’ out to all our favorite headliners on the JaM Cellars Stage!

Along with Imagine Dragons, Mumford & Sons will be our Guiding Light, and Neil Young will be showing up with his Heart of Gold to steal the show!

We have some big plans to make this year’s BottleRock the best ever…the only thing that’s missing now is YOU! Single day tickets are on sale now, so get 'em before they sell out and make sure you mark off May 24-26 as the best weekend ever. We can’t wait to see you there.  

Are you feeling lucky? Make sure you’re following us on Instagram and Facebook because we've got some extra tickets that we’ll be giving away to #spreadthelove. It just wouldn’t be the same without you! 

In the meantime, enjoy reliving the magic from last year's fest:

Time Posted: Jan 24, 2019 at 11:03 AM
JaM Cellars
January 24, 2019 | JaM Cellars

Four Ways to Love Your Galentine

Look, Galentine’s Day might be a fictional holiday that we stole from a TV show (Cheers to you, Parks & Rec!). But what is that to stop us from celebrating our best gals? Bring out the Butter and leave the husbands and boyfriends at home…we’re doing brunch.

The best thing about being best friends as “grown-ups” is you can do the same silly things better and now with wine! Here’s how to get the girls together to celebrate how truly amazing you all are:

 - Ditch the New Year diets for the day (if they haven’t already fallen off!) and dive in with endless glasses of Butter and a Potluck Dessert Party! Everyone brings their signature dessert for a day of sweet and sassy fun. (Yes, Karen, you can make those paleo brownies. We’ll pretend they’re full fat).

- Put on a guilty pleasure movie and cozy up on the couch for the full commentary version. Ok, and maybe some tears. Who put on the Nicholas Sparks movie?! He wrote her a letter every day for a year…

- Bring back a camp favorite and get supplies for friendship bracelets. Bust out your boxstitch skills for the squad and make sure you make a wish when you tie each other’s bracelet on!

- Hidden Talent Show: you might need an extra bottle of Candy for this. Tell the girls to come prepared to show off their secret hidden talents. Just when you thought you knew everything about each other, there’s always something hilarious to learn!

Don’t forget to snap enough selfies to commemorate another day of loving those gals who always know when to show up to your doorstep with wine when you need it the most. If we hung out and didn’t selfie…did it even happen? Make sure you tag us #JaMCellars so we know it’s real. 

Time Posted: Jan 24, 2019 at 11:02 AM
JaM Cellars
January 24, 2019 | JaM Cellars

Throw a Butter Bowl XIV Party Like A Champ

The first Sunday in February is the only Sunday you won’t find us at brunch because we’ll be rooting for the best TEAM to win! Now…which wine goes best with pretending to know about football?

Here’s how we’re prepping for the big game:

- Do your own pre-game show coin toss: This is the deciding moment: Are you drinking Butter or JaM for the day? Trick question. It’s a tie of course.

- Ditch the glassware: Forget the fancy glasses (and the cleanup) and stick to a stash of ButterCans. Did you hear that? They’re cheering! It must be a Thirst-Down.

- Finger Foods Are For Winners: it’s a good thing we never made those new year resolutions! We love our ButterBod just the way it is. Enjoy Butter or JaM with these gameday inspired snacks. When in doubt…order in pizza.

- Place those Butter Bets. Remind everyone to pony up a little cash for a betting pool! Score points with your friends by making sure you don’t run out of wine (ever). Need to know exactly where to make sure you’re stocked with Butter? You can always know where to find us with our wine finder to make sure that you have Butter, JaM, Toast and Candy ready for a touchdown!

- We’ve got those Moves Like Jagger while we’re waiting for the most important time of the game, Half-time! We’re already swooning in anticipation of Maroon 5 taking the stage (remember BottleRock 2017?!). If you need us, we’ll just be over here daydreaming about JaM’ing out on stage with Adam Levine…

- The best commercial wins: Is it just us, or are we actually only watching the the game for the snacks and the commercials? No shame in this game! Take a sip of Butter every time a commercial says “Hey, Alexa…”.

Whichever team wins…just makes sure you have enough wine to celebrate the wins…or console the losses!

Time Posted: Jan 24, 2019 at 11:01 AM

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