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JaM Cellars
January 24, 2019 | JaM Cellars

Keep the love going with February JaM Sessions

It may be a New Year, but we’re going to keep a great thing going with our live JaMSessions at the JaM Cellars Wine & Music Studio in Downtown Napa every Friday & Saturday from 9pm-midnight!

You know the drill: We’ll be sipping Butter Chardonnay, California Candy Dry Rosé, JaM Cabernet and Toast Sparkling while we get up close and personal with local and touring artists in our cozy studio set-up.

We are excited to welcome local North Bay favorites like Highway Poets and internationally acclaimed soul singer/songwriter Chris Pierce back to the studio. We’ll even get to reminisce from BottleRock 2017 when Serf and James take the stage.

The best is when we discover some new favorite California touring artists like The Singer and Songwriter, and Grover Anderson to serenade you while you’re sipping on Butter. Really, what else can you ask for?

Check out the lineup on the JaM Cellars Studio events page for live entertainment all month long!

Can’t wait until the weekend? Raise a toast to #WineWednesday with us all day long, every week. We are running the buy one glass, get one half off promo for you to really make it over hump-day in style. It’s the perfect excuse to grab a friend, or to enjoy some time to yourself! 

Time Posted: Jan 24, 2019 at 11:00 AM
JaM Cellars
November 15, 2018 | JaM Cellars

We are Full of Butter-tude this Thanksgiving

We’re kicking back and relaxing with a glass of creamilicious Butter and taking a moment to be thankful…grab a glass of gratitude, and join us!


Rocking out in our hometown with you, our JaMFans was THE best! Bruno, Billy and Snoop, we miss you. JaMPad, you totally rocked!  We’re still finding glitter in places we didn’t know we had from partying at the CandyCabana, sipping on our delicious Frosé. Now it’s just 190 days till we do it all over again May 24th-26th 2019! Follow us in social to win tickets!


Over 100 super-talented artists have played the JaM Cellars wine and music studio this year—singing, dancing and sipping with no cover? LOVE! Take a look at our line up for the rest of the year, HERE!

Candy Dry Rosé We Love You

We were tickled pink when we welcomed California Candy Dry Rosé to our JaMily and cracked open this pretty and delicious Dry Rosé with you. (We just love the screw cap!). California Candy sold out fast, but don’t worry we’re making more, much more next year. Stay tuned on Instagram to find out when…


Have you checked out our cans? Adorable little 250mls of Buttery goodness that you can throw in your purse, beach bag, or wait for it…. your holiday stocking! We’re dreaming of a yellow Christmas…

Candy Frosé

Not that we want to play favorites, but this may have been the brightest idea we had this whole year! As the colder weather hits, you can find us daydreaming and counting the days until we can Frosé-all-day again!

Chilling at Ohana Fest

What better way to end summer than partying at an idyllic Californian beach spot with Butter and Vedder. We're actually still floating on cloud-wine to Norah Jones' dulcet tones, humming to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and air-guitaring to Beck. Huge love to the guys from Switchfoot for letting us hang out with them and catch their mid-air guitar riffs.

JaM Cab Love

Jim at Wine Enthusiast gave JaM some serious love with a 90 Pt score. Our JaMFans already know JaM is soft, dark and delicious and we’re thrilled that Jim agrees. 90-point score from Wine Enthusiast. JaM Cab, we’re raising a glass to you!

We’ve so much to be grateful for…but most of all, YOU. We love you JaMFans. Thank you for sipping and sharing our easy-to-love wines. We can’t wait to share more amazing moments with you next year… so follow us, would ya?!

Time Posted: Nov 15, 2018 at 10:04 AM
JaM Cellars
November 15, 2018 | JaM Cellars

THE Definitive Guide To Winesgiving

Friends, family and everyone in between are coming together for never-ending feasts and fantastic wine. We love to keep it simple, so, don’t sweat your hosting duties, we’ve got a play-by-play schedule for your most Butter-licious Winesgiving yet!

6pm Wednesday: Make sure you’re stocked up with Butter, Candy, JaM and Toast and that they are iced down and ready for sipping! A little pre-sipping is never a bad idea, just to make sure they are the right temperature. Plus, you never know, you might just want to kick off your Thanksgiving Day-drinking bright and early… it IS a Holiday, right?

9 AM: Put on your best Winesgiving outfit, cover with an apron, and start the day off with a Toast-mosa while you prep the veggies. All work and no wine is NOT on the agenda today!

10AM: Someone arrives early, they always do. Don’t let that throw you off—pour them a glass of Butter and put them to work—entertaining the kids with some fun, easy card games, or creating a Winesgiving playlist.

11:30AM: Ding-dong! You’re the effortless hostess with the most-ess with a tray of Toast Sparkling at the ready, just don’t try this.

12PM: The Macy’s Day Parade can always be made better with a good ol’ fashioned drinking game to keep the excitement going. We’re loving Bustle’s plan to take a drink every time someone is clearly lip-syncing.

1:30pm: The crew may be getting restless, so send them outside to burn off the pre-dinner energy. We’re big fans of games you can play with one hand (so the other hand can hold a glass of Butter!) Prep your yard with giant lawn Jenga and some Corn Hole set ups!

3 PM: Your out-of-town cousins have rallied the Fryer cry. Grab a pack (or two) of ButterCans and take to the great outdoors (AKA, your backyard) to throw that bird in the fryer at least an hour before dinner.

4:30 PM: The feast is ON! As you’re enjoying your hard work, don’t even sweat all the dishes you’ll be doing later. Our favorite holiday hack? You can rent ANYTHING these days, so take the clean-up out of the equation and rent your dishes and silverware and glasses for a hassle-free tidying! Don’t forget your GoVino stash to avoid broken glassware as the day rolls on…

5:45PM: You may be thinking to yourself… “I can’t eat another bite…oh look, pie!” It’s ok. Pie gets the best of all of us. Serve up a piece of pie with an extra glass of Butter to wash it down! Or maybe swap pie for Candy?

7PM: Bask in your post-Turkey glow. Send everyone home with leftovers and settle in for a nice snuggle by the fire with the last of the JaM Cab after everyone leaves.

Time Posted: Nov 15, 2018 at 10:03 AM
JaM Cellars
November 15, 2018 | JaM Cellars

ButterCans are On The Map!

Want to check out our ButterCans but can’t seem to find them? Have no fear… #ButterCans can now be found on our handy-dandy wine finder with a simple search of your zip code! Shouldn’t finding Butter be as easy as possible? We think so.

Get ready. Set. Search…to get the best of ButterCans for the Holidays! We know you don’t need a reason to enjoy creamilicious Butter in super cute can-form…but just in case…

  • Just in time for the Holidays…ButterCans are perfectly sized to fit into your stocking! (Take note, Santa!)
  • Keep them cold in the cooler outside, or right in the snow…you never know when you’ll need a Butter break with all that family coming to town.
  • Bring the 4-pack along to your Butter-loving bestie’s Holiday party, after all, she is the hostess with the most-est!
  • ButterCans are your ultimate adventure buddy. Throw a few in your pack, hit the slopes and raise a toast at the top of the mountain!
  • Who needs pumpkin pie when you can have a ButterCan cake? Trade soda cans for ButterCans with this fun craft to put the “party” in holiday party!

With all the entertaining and fun to be had for the Holidays, keep a pack or two of ButterCans on hand. Who wants to wash any more glasses, anyway?!

Time Posted: Nov 15, 2018 at 10:02 AM
JaM Cellars
November 15, 2018 | JaM Cellars

JaM in Napa & Napa in JaM

Believe Adam S. when he says “tucked away in Napa's Downtown area, JaM is a cute eclectic wine tasting room with a rock vibe.” Heidi M. says we have a “cool vibe for the younger wino!” Jennifer H. and her pals came here “almost every night” they were in Napa. And Ben R. says we’re “unique, funky and fun”.

We know you love us on your sofa, at the kitchen table and out on the back deck, but there’s something special about JaM Cellars in Napa that takes our easy-to-love wines to a whole other level. The home of Butter, JaM, Candy and Toast is also home to exclusive Napa-only wines. Love Butter California? Well, Butter Napa is from local vineyards here in world-famous wine country – a little bit richer and brighter. JaM Cab’s Napa sibling is even more lush—with that great Napa Cab structure.

Owen, Madison, Eric, and Holianne make up our “super fun and friendly” team at the JaM Cellars wine and music studio (thanks Heidi and Nina J.). They love to host, help you discover your favorite JaM wines, and rock out with you at JaMSessions Thursdays through Saturday. Shalini G. says it best “Yes you really want to come here!” Thanks Shalini! 

Can’t wait for the next flight to the Bay Area to try JaM’s Napa wines? Call Owen and the team, or go online to grab a few bottles….the Holidays ARE coming!

Time Posted: Nov 15, 2018 at 10:01 AM
JaM Cellars
October 18, 2018 | JaM Cellars

Monster JaM at Voodoo Festival

Monster JaM at Voodoo Festival

Is it just us, or are we having déjà Voodoo? It might be because we’re bringing Butter, JaM and Toast back to NOLA again this year as the official wines of Voodoo Festival 2018! Amazing music, great wine, and a little taste of NOLA during Hallo-wine weekend... these are just a few of our favorite things.

Friday night we’ll be raising the dead with Mumford and Sons, and maybe calling on Third Eye Blind to tell us our future in the Oracle. Saturday is Sabbath day as Lizzo, Janelle Monáe, and Childish Gambino all take over the Alter stage with crazy-high energy! Lastly, there will be a chill in the air on Sunday with the Arctic Monkeys (thanks for keeping our glass of Butter extra cold, guys) and Modest Mouse keeping us on our toes. The JaM Cellars Voodoo Wine Lounge will be THE place to hang, with live-stream of the line-up, ‘gram-worthy backdrops to show-off your outfit, and of course our delicious wine!

Can’t be with us? That’s what @JaMCellars Instagram stories are for – don’t miss this. And why not JaM at home? Get your costume game strong with our fave Hallo-wine costumes, play our fave Voodoo JaMs and indulge your light and dark sides by sipping on Butter or some rich, smooth JaM Cab. We’re already thirsty like vampires just thinking about it…

Do you Voodoo? We do!

Time Posted: Oct 18, 2018 at 10:03 AM
JaM Cellars
October 18, 2018 | JaM Cellars

What happened to our extra Happy Hour?

What happened to our extra Happy Hour?

Sunday November 4th is the end of Daylight Saving, and we’re losing an hour of sleep as we make our way into officially-Fall. Except for you, Arizona and Hawaii. We see you.

Waking up on Monday is hard enough without a lost hour. That’s why we’ve got the tips to make your daylight saving transition smoother than a glass of JaM Cabernet.

Make the most of your Sunday Funday. Flex those crockpot muscles with a set it and forget it dinner plan. You can’t go wrong with this One Pot Garlic Butter Chicken (with a creamy glass of Butter on the side, of course). Even better, plan on ordering pizza with a bottle of JaM Cabernet

Fake it ‘til you make it. Tired? Who, me? Get ahead of those under-eye bags with this cooling yellow eye mask. Pamper yourself while you’re proactive with your beauty and sip on a glass of ice cold Butter. You’ve earned it!

We only run so we can drink wine. Trade your post-work runs for morning runs as the sun rises earlier and it gets darker sooner. This way, you’re super productive and there’s more time for wine after work. Maybe... you can just run to your local store to get more Butter?!  We’re calling that a wine-wine. #getit

Drift off to the sweet sounds of music. Need to go to bed earlier, but counting sheep not cutting it? Listen to a lullaby to get you to sleep easier after the change. Ok, maybe our lullabies include The Struts. You do you.

Time Posted: Oct 18, 2018 at 10:02 AM
JaM Cellars
October 18, 2018 | JaM Cellars

Tips and Treats for a wicked HalloWINE

Tips and Treats for a wicked HalloWINE

How about some tricks AND some treats? Whether you’re gearing up for a night of ghouling around with the kiddos, or wicked night at a grown-ups only party, take some of the tricks up our sleeve for the best Hallo-wine ever.

GoVino or go home: a seasoned trick-or-treat veteran knows that glass is a no-go when you’re out for haunting. Fill up that Govino with a juicy glass of JaM to really get into the evening’s adventures. Don’t be a wicked witch…pack a few extras to share with the poor lost souls who didn’t think ahead.

Corks are for ghouls. Don’t bother bringing wine that needs a corkscrew. Get the party started even faster with Butter and JaM, always featured in super-easy screwcap bottles. Better yet, pick up a couple packs of ButterCans!

Are you afraid of the dark? Let the neighbors know that after 8PM it’s time to wrangle the kids to count their candy and let the real fun begin. Eat, drink and be scary with easy apps like these Deviled Eggs or this Jack O’ Lantern Chips & Dip to feed the weary parents post-haunting.

If you’ve got it, haunt it. Keep it real when you’re competing in this year’s costume contest. Get back to basics with a cheeky tee or get your Butter half to go all in on a JaM and Cheese couple’s costume.

Don’t be afraid to trick or treat yourself with an extra glass of Butter. We don’t count calories on holidays, right?

Time Posted: Oct 18, 2018 at 10:01 AM
JaM Cellars
October 18, 2018 | JaM Cellars

Holiday JaMs 2018

Holiday JaMs 2018

The Holidays are upon us, and so are Holiday JaMs at the JaM Cellars wine and music studio in Downtown Napa. We’re showing no signs of stopping, and we’ve brought some Toast for popping…the lights are turned way down low…come see the show, see the show, see the show!

We are closing out the year with the live music every Thursday and Friday nights in November and December, except for Turkey Thursday of course. You’ll have to do some JaMming in your living room to our Holiday playlist to work off that extra bottle of Butter and pumpkin pie!

Got family and friends in town? The good news is we’ve got a range of artists and that means something everyone can enjoy. We’re kicking off November with a little some indie tunes from Highway Poets and Complicated Animals and bringing it all together at the end of the month with Static and Surrender.

We’ll be rockin’ around the Butter tree on December 6th because Zack Freitas is coming to town! Come and ring your jingle bells with us as we groove to JaM Cellars mainstays like Chris Pierce and other favorites too! You can always stay tuned to our events page for the latest lineups so you never miss a beat. 

We can’t wait to drink and be merry with you as we wrap up another Butter year of fabulous music, and JaM-ilicious wine in 2018!

Time Posted: Oct 18, 2018 at 10:00 AM
JaM Cellars
October 5, 2018 | JaM Cellars

JaM'n at The Ohana Fest 2018

🎶: "Float" by Switchfoot

We're still floating on cloud-wine after three amazing days as the official wines of The Ohana Fest! With headliners like Eddie Vedder, Mumford and Sons, and Eric Church, along with other amazing acts like Switchfoot, Norah Jones, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beck, and Young the Giant... we were loving our time in the SoCal sun at Doheny State Beach!

Time Posted: Oct 5, 2018 at 10:07 AM

Why hello there! Welcome to JaM Cellars’ website.

If you click the link below, you’re telling us you’re at least 21 years old.